I have a problem (1 Viewer)


everytime I do something, it wants me to log in again.

I have to log in when I come (don't know why), then when I want to write something it wants me to log in again. when I want to go to options, to try to fix the problem, it wants me to log in again :wallbang: so I can't post

I know my user name and password, but it's not the problem.


oh I forgot to mention that I'm oded from the forum. I'm stuck here in this lame support forum :D

Martin? someone??


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Dec 31, 2000
It sounds like you have cookies enabled in your user profile but your browser rejects them. If that's the case, the forum will assign you a cookie, which holds your login information, then it sends you to a different page but before the new page can read the cookie and verify your login status, it's been deleted by your browser. Please check that you have "accept cookies" enabled. :)

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