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Lawnchair Bes
Jan 7, 2004
there is some of that great stuff again

It started about 5 months ago when I was at the
dentist. Basically, I have this gap between my front
teeth that I had never given much thought to. Well,
the hygienist girl, who is totally cute, asked me
if I ever considered "getting it fixed". I said "no.
It's part of my charm. It makes me more attractive.
I know you agree." She totally blushed, and was super
nice to me the rest of the time. Well, I left, didn't
want her digits, so I didn't ask. But I thought I'd
try something like this out later to see if it would

and some more

Jump forward a couple of days to a local art fair...
by the way, these are good places to meet attractive,
intelligent 30-something women... they are also awesome
places to bring dates (and mostly cap on the artwork).
The plan worked like this... I picked out the most
attractive, single-looking woman in the room, went
up to her and capped on the sculpture she was looking
at, then quickly turned the conversation around to
her, eventually saying "I love your hair, but I don't
usually date smokers". She said "what do you mean?
I don't smoke." I answered, in a cocky and funny way,
by saying that I was sure she did, from the way her
teeth looked. Oh yeah, this went against the "conventional
wisdom" that says it's okay to insult a woman's accessories,
but not her natural attributes... anyway, she got
embarrassed, and tried to cap on me about my teeth,
something like "who are you to talk, your teeth aren't
perfect." Which was the perfect set up for "Yeah, but
that's part of my charm, it makes me more attractive.
I know you agree." She rolled her eyes said "Oh brother"
or similar... but, two minutes later, I was walking
away with her e-mail. I've used variations on this theme
about a dozen times over the past few months. I think
it's absolutely ridiculous, but it works great. I told
one buddy, who has great teeth but a substantial gut
about it, and he used it successfully... capping on
the girl's tummy. I laugh when I think about this
technique, but hey, it seems to work brilliantly.

and it does get better

One of the things he loves to do is tell women that
they're probably not used to getting attention from
unusually good-looking guys like himself... and they
eat it up.

Imagine this:

An average guy who's almost 50 years old walking up
to a beautiful woman in her 20s, and then telling HER
that she's probably not used to getting this kind of
attention from attractive guys like himself. It's

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