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Jun 9, 2003
I'm sure you've all heard about it so far, I personaly have been watchin CNN all day, but it seems that even some Juve amd Serie A players are there presently.

Terrible tragedy this, only shows how powerful mother nature is.

Asia quake death toll over 11,000

(CNN) -- Massive tsunamis triggered by the largest earthquake to shake the planet in more than 40 years wiped out coastal areas across Asia as far as 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) away, killing more than 11,000 people.

More than 4,500 people are reported dead in Sri Lanka, along with thousands more fatalities in Indonesia and India and hundreds dead in Thailand.

The initial quake, measuring 9 in magnitude, struck about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island around 7 a.m. Sunday (0000 GMT), according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center.

It is the fourth largest earthquake in recorded history, according to the NEIC. The measurements have been taken since 1899.

News agencies in Indonesia reported over 4,000 dead, many of them in Aceh, in northern Sumatra, about 160 kilometers (100 miles) from the quake's epicenter.

CNN has been able to confirm only 500 people killed there but that figure is set to soar as communications and access improve to the ravaged region.

"We still haven't got any reports from the western coast of Aceh, which is closest to the epicenter, so officials are bracing themselves for a lot more bad news," said journalist John Aglionby in Jakarta.

Sri Lankan military authorities are reporting more than 4,500 people killed, most of them in the eastern district of Batticaloa. Several districts in the country's south have still not reported casualty figures, and authorities fear the death toll could rise.

Officials said thousands were missing and more than a half million had been displaced.

The huge waves also swept away a high security prison in Matara, in southern Sri Lanka, allowing 200 prisoners to escape. Eyewitnesses in the eastern Sri Lankan port city Trincomalee reported waves as high as 12 meters (40 feet), hitting inland as far as a kilometer (half a mile).

The Sri Lankan government declared a state of emergency, and along with the government of The Maldives has requested international assistance, the United Nations' Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported.

Sri Lankan officials imposed a curfew as night fell, and tourists were being evacuated from the eastern coasts to the capital, Colombo, which is on the west coast and was unaffected.

India agreed to assist Sri Lanka, sending two naval ships to the resort town of Galle, in the south, and Trincomalee, according to Colombo officials.

Indian aircraft will bring in relief supplies to the country on Monday.
India reeling

India itself is reeling from the aftermath of the quake and tsunamis. Indian officials said at least 2,300 Indians were killed as a result of the massive waves. A resident of Chennai (formerly Madras) in Tamil Nadu district -- the hardest hit area -- said he witnessed several people being swept away by a tidal wave.

Along India's southeastern coast, several villages appeared to have been swept away, and thousands of fishermen -- including 2,000 from the Chennai area alone -- who were out at sea when when the massive waves swept across the waters have not returned.

Along the coast, the brick foundations of village homes were all that remained.

Official state media said 1,725 people were killed in Tamil Nadu state. At least 300 people died in India's remote Andaman and Nicobar islands, which were closer to the quake's epicenter. Most of the aftershocks have been centered off those islands.

A further 700 were missing.

Three hundred others were reported to have been killed in other states, with thousands missing, many of them fishermen at sea when the waves hit.
Paradise destroyed

Thai authorities say more than 200 are feared dead, and hundreds are missing after the massive waves swept through coastal areas, including Krabi and the popular resort islands of Phuket and Phi Phi.

One witness said Phuket's famed Laguna Beach resort area is "completely gone." The area provides 40 percent of Thailand's $10 billion annual tourist income.

Among the missing were a number of scuba divers exploring the Emerald Cave off Phuket's coast.

Officials say the final toll in Thailand may be closer to 1,000.

Phuket's airport -- which closed down when its runways flooded -- reopened, but most roads remained closed, as officials tried to assess the damage, fearing structural damage to buildings closer to the shore.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra arrived in Phuket and said the situation was "under control." He told CNN he planned to stay the night and direct rescue and relief efforts.

Eyewitnesses reported people drowning in their hotel rooms near the coast as 30-foot waves washed ashore. Others reported narrow escapes -- including one man whose alert but screaming boat driver turned their boat directly into a nearby shore. As he and his passengers scrambled up the steep beach, the waves crushed their boat.

There were also fatalities reported in The Maldvies. However, an accurate death toll has not been assessed because communications to the outlying islands have been cut off.

The earthquake is classified as "great" -- the strongest classification given by the NEIC.

NEIC geophysicist Don Blakeman said all of the tsunamis were triggered by the initial quake. Waverly Person, Blakeman's colleague at NEIC, said the tsunamis are "long over at this point," and residents and visitors should not be concerned with more high water.

One major aftershock, measuring 7.3 in magnitude, struck about 300 kilometers (200 miles) northwest of Banda Aceh -- on Sumatra's northernmost tip -- over four hours after the initial quake, according to the NEIC. The rest of the aftershocks measured under 6.5 in magnitude.

The NEIC expects the quake to produce hundreds of smaller aftershocks, under 4.6 magnitude, and thousands smaller than that.

"A quake of this size has some pretty serious effects," he said.

He explained the quake was the energy released from "a very large rupture in the earth's crust" over 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) long. The rupture created shockwaves that moved the water along at several hundred miles per hour.

It was the strongest earthquake to hit since March 1964, when a 9.2 quake struck near Alaska's Prince William Sound. The strongest recorded earthquake registered 9.5 on May 22, 1960, in Chile.


Click here for more Italian news

Several world-famous Italian footballers were among the foreign tourists caught up in the earthquake that has devastated Asia, claiming at least 9,500 lives.

Paolo Maldini and Gianluca Zambrotta are among those caught up in the region's turmoil although at present there have been no reports of any casualties among the Serie A contingent.

Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Maldives are five of the countries affected by the quake which, at 8.9 on the Richter scale, is the worst the world has seen since 1964 and which triggered off tidal waves.

AC Milan skipper Maldini and Juventus and Italy star Zambrotta are reportedly flying home from the Maldives where they spent Christmas.

Internazionale's Marco Materazzi, Livorno's Cristiano Lucarelli and another AC Milan player, Filippo Inzaghi, were also reported to be there.

Maldini is said to have sent his father Cesare a text message, saying: "Everything is okay, myself and Gianluca Zambrotta are getting on the plane to leave."

Lucarelli has also communicated with his brother Alessandro who also plays for Livorno.

Alessandro told that his brother was holidaying on the Baa atoll in the Maldives and had to snatch his children and run for cover when he saw a tidal wave approaching.

Lucarelli was reportedly trying to get a private flight to enable him to return home as soon as possible.

Inzaghi has told an AC Milan director that he had been frightened but was now waiting for a flight home with 300 others in a hotel lobby.

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Mar 14, 2004
Anybody on forums catched with that tragedy?

Thats one of reasons I thank god that I live in eartquakes,no vulcanos,no tornados,no hurricanes,no suicide-bombers,no runaway Boeings crushing into buildings,no stabbing and shooting on the streets in midnight(mostly)......onley dont
support your team in another city too loudly :D


Jul 15, 2002
++ [ originally posted by barkuss ] ++
Anybody on forums catched with that tragedy?
Not me directly but my relatives, they are ok but their agriculture land is fvcked due the salt water entering and their fish/prawn fields destroyed.


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Apr 22, 2003
A mission team from my church (including about 15 of my close friends) was in Krabi, Thailand and I haven't heard from them yet but I think they should be okay


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Jul 30, 2003
Malaysian Peninsular fortunately protected by Sumatra Island fron the Indian Sea so the tsunami damage was minimal..although 50 deaths is reported so far...

my heart felt for 4500 victims in Sri Lanka.....and another 1000 in one is predicting this...

although the tsunami threat was really great (10 meters high wall of water moving at 300 miles per hour ) , i think we should be gratefull that the epicenter of the quake did not hit dry land...8.9 scala richter erthquake is an unheard of propotion....the Bam quake in Iran early this year was only 6.5 and took 45000 victims...


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Oct 27, 2004
yeah :( This is a tragedy. I have a friend in Bangladesh right now. I hope he's okay.

abhinav, I hope it will be okay for ur relatives!


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Jul 2, 2004
I’m living in Thailand, but my home so far from that place. I'm ok.

More than 500 people(Thai+Foreigner) are confirmed dead in Thailand.
Include a nephew of the king was dead too. (We just find his dead body in 30 minutes ago)
My friend’s grandmother was disappear yesterday until now, so sad. :down:

I hope everything will fine as soon as. :angel:


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Oct 27, 2004
its thousands of Swedens in Thailand for vacation when the tsunami wave came. Many are dead or missing. Its on TV all the time. This is a disaster. I hope things will go well for the survivers.


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Apr 3, 2004
Yes, I am from MALDIVES ..I saw the huge waves..

I was sleeping suddenly my brother called me and told there is a tidal wave coming to my city.Then i jumped out of my bed and ran out side and already the wave had been inside our houses.But the power was weak compared to other countries.My house got only flooded.Nothing happned serious to my City.

Also the Italian Stars ,My team Juventus zabrotta and others were ok.No problem for any tourists.

Will give you more news later....


Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
shiyaz, nice to hear that ur alright! And im glad Zambro was okay too. I wonder if this will affect his work on the pitch.


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Jul 17, 2002
It happened at 7.30 am and there's another one at 11.00 am in north Sumatera+Aceh.
We're in Java Island didn't get the affect of the tsunami, Alhamdulillah.
From what I saw on the news that there are 4.441 ppl had died and most of them are local ppl. :down:


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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by David Del Piero ] ++
shiyaz, nice to hear that ur alright! And im glad Zambro was okay too. I wonder if this will affect his work on the pitch.

Yea, I read on the newspapper that Pippo Inzaghi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Nesta, Marco Materazzi, Gianluca Zambrotta and Cristiano Lucarelli were in Maldives for holiday. I hope they're okay..and hope this dissaster wouldn't affect his work on the pitch, Dave. No one would expect that.


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Nov 10, 2003
I felt the shake....nobody die around my area.....the worse are near the beach area....R.I.P to those who died in this tragedy:down:


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Jun 3, 2003
Well, a colleague of mine from the agency is shooting in Maldives, for one of our hotel accounts. Ive heard he's alright. But think about the force of mother nature for a minute. It affected, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair and Thailand. The pictures from phuket were scary. And to make things worse, spare a thought for the people who were chilling on the beach in phuket. You cant tell when a tidal wave is coming toward you, thats the scary part, on the surface the speed is normal, but at the base, its actually travelling at 500 mph, and by the time it reaches the shore the level rises to a 100 feet!!!! And hits with a weight of millions of tonnes. Its just a very perturbing thought. Over 15000 people dead in Asia.


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Jul 30, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Qaterminator ] ++
is Singapore affected?
Not directly affected, though only slight tremors were felt especially those in the southern region.

I am thankful to God my country is not affected by this due to the vast main lands around us.

R.I.P to those who died in this disaster :sad:


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Jul 30, 2003
current death toll:

Sri Lanka: 10,897
India: 6,597
Indonesia: 4,725
Thailand: 866
Malaysia: 51
Maldives: 43
Myanmar: 30
Bangladesh: 2

Total: 23,211

this is of course just the official body count... not including people who are still missing and places that lost communication...


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Oct 16, 2002
++ [ originally posted by barkuss ] ++Thats one of reasons I thank god that I live in eartquakes,no vulcanos,no tornados,no hurricanes,no suicide-bombers,no runaway Boeings crushing into buildings,no stabbing and shooting on the streets in midnight(mostly).....
That's the funny thing... I used to feel that these things don't happen to MY country either, but it did.... this is actually the first time my country has ever been hit by a tsunami.... And most everyone was completely caught off-guard.. In Thailand and Malaysia, there was no such thing as "tsunami/ tornado warning", so when it hit, everyone was totally shocked...

When my friend first called me and said that some of the states were hit by an earthquake, i actually laughed... That's ridiculous... Earthquakes JUST DON'T HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA.... Then the news started coming in, and i just stared in disbelief.... Technically, it happened in Indonesia, but it was so strong it affected whole lots of other countries... Countries where it is "supposed" to be too far off to be affected...

but i guess mother nature follows it's own rules....

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