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Apr 5, 2004
Our deffence this year is not performing will just look at the amount of goals we conceded and you will find the defference between us and milan...even when we are winning we are conceding goals its redeciulose
i would suggest reshaping in the back line and then we can compete with milan next season ....they are not better than us in any aspect in the midfeild and forward lines actually i see that we are a bit better with Miccolli and Camoranisie both maturing and reaching their peak next season ... no one can stop us
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Gogeta ] ++
Kaka that is the buy of the century

Oh, get the **** out of here. The guy has played one damn season! You think that buying Kaka was a better move than Barca buying Cruijff, or Juve buying Platini?


Sep 23, 2003
Many players are having a career year over at Milan this year (well, everyone but Pippo it seems), while Juve has had underachieving individual performances across the board.

I'm the last person who would suggest that Juve should become complacent with this year's performance (it's disappointing regardless of what anyone says). But I doubt you will see so many Juve players performing so below par, and so many Milan players playing so above par, next year.


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Dec 20, 2002
I agree with what some have to say as Milan being the strongest team in Europe at the moment.

In relation to the players in the squad, not much has changed since last year. But in terms of performance, our players have "depreciated" drastically over a season. Last year, our players: Thuram, Montero, Ferrara; were performing with the likes of Nesta & Maldini. Our players have "rusted" over a season, while Milan continue to perform like last year.

Another observation is that Milan seem to be enjoying their football while we have seemed to struggle to get decent performances in the 2nd half of this season. This is probably due to the atmosphere in the field when these teams play.

Milan have been playing attravtively. And in the instance that they get to play one off-game, they continue their good form on the next, not letting their previous performance affect them psychologically.

Though one strength we have over Milan is, as always, our DETERMINATION. We never give up 'till the last whistle. But sadly, this determination hasn't saved us in a lot of games this season. We have managed to fight back from games that we find ourselves trailing, but our fightback sometimes never seems enough. Unlike last year when we would at least almost always get a result, even a point. This is the case in the last Derby d' Italia.

I think that even the speculations regarding Lippi's future with Juve rattles the atmosphere in TUrin and it will only do us no good. I hope they keep those stories off the press and concentrate on other matters.

Frankly, I dont mind to finish lower than 2nd place as we will get to play more games in the preliminary rounds of the CL. Some may argue that more games means more risk for Juve. But I have known for a fact that Juve always needs a few games to get the ball rolling. I hope that the preliminaries will allow us to get our "football" started even before we get to the group stage so we can carry it on until the finals.

My only hope is for Juve to find back that spark and change the atmosphere once again at the Delle Alpi. I hope that we can ENJOY playing our football and not let the pressure get the better of us. In fact, JUVENTUS have not much to prove because we've proven to be successfull already. It is just a bad patch, next year will defintely be our year.


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Nov 16, 2003
Problem is that with this type of competition we can even LOSE games and still be ahead. I love how people are just inching to put us into crisis mode when a) we have not lost since the Udinese Match-up. 2) teams like Juve were unable to beat one big team this season and Rome was unable to even draw us in 3 encounters in two weeks. Perhaps Carlo realizes the battlefield is almost won and he is resting his troops for European battle and the last hurrah in Italy.


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Sep 16, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Eaglesnake_1 ] ++
A ring of cautioness for Milan...the ancelotti boys had drawn the last two games in serie A and performance has begun to lower down...
yes, and that's considered a "slump" for them.

Oh, and lets not forget that they thrashed Deportivo 4-1 in the first leg of the CL Quarterfinal.

You remember Deportivo, right? The same Deportivo that made Juve look like a Serie C2 team in the knockout stages??

Is it so hard for some of us to admit that top to bottom Milan is the better team this year? Is it also hard to admit that Galliani and Co. got the better of us during the summer transfer campaign this year? But its just one year.

Next year is just that, next year.

See, its as easy as that


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Sep 16, 2003
Oh, one more thing.

To everyone who thinks that this juve situation might be temporary, consider this.

WWhen was the last time a squad with the history, pedigree, and winning traditions like Juventus ever loaned off 4 players and didn't bring anyone in, when even a drunk Stevie Wonder could see that Juve neded help on defence?? Usually, when you have a problem as ominous as this, you fix it.

Unless your financial situation isn't nearly as rosy a picture that has been painted for us.


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Feb 13, 2004
Milan plays very good football!
At the start of the season, we did too
But now, we're just not playing very good football as a team


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Mar 28, 2004



Every team has is peaks and his downs...each four or five years Juventus has a bad season, instead of other teams that each four or five years have a good season.

this has been a really terrible season, still we had manage to be fighting for the second place in serie A, arriving at the final stage of Coppa Italia and advanced the first rounds of CL....

Lets give some credits to our players and some confidence for next year....


Sep 23, 2003
Well, as proven in today's ritorno of the Depor CL match, even mighty Milan is succeptible to virtually all players going flat and collectively sucking on the field in a big game.

Unfortunately, we've had a good part of the season to experience that. :frown:


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Mar 28, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Eaglesnake_1 ] ++
A ring of cautioness for Milan...the ancelotti boys had drawn the last two games in serie A and performance has begun to lower down...

hee, hee....i was not so wrong, Nick...

what happens with the super-fanta Milan?
May 17, 2003
I will assasinate Moggi if we don't buy any players at the end of the season. I know it sounds almost impossible, but you know Moggi...Makin up stupid excuses like - "we still have confidence in our current squad...." or "All we need for this team is time..." GOD............I WIL ASSASSINATE HIM MY SELF WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS.

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