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Dec 31, 2002
Tough to name a top 5 and also tough to rate Pele who never played in Europe but there are players definitely worthy of being mentioned.

As for Aouar - The kid is no Zidane and he`ll never be half as good as Zidane was but he is still good.
I dont know if I want us to sign him or some other dude but I know our current midfield will only work if Rabiot find consistency and Arthur plays as in our wishes.
Aouar is a smart player so he can definitely help, although Im not sure I rate him nearly as good as you guys


Jul 27, 2015
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I do agree that when it comes to terminations and renewals regarding Juventus Romeo Agresti seems to be the first and most trusted one announcing them as 'soon to be official', otherwise though i must also add that he is as full of shit when it comes to rumors and transfers as all of his other counterparts Dimarzio, Romano etc , difference is just that he might get the odd insight on contract negotiations, aswell as 'not that big of a secret' primavera and U23 transfers that make him somewhat more reliable when it comes to us, and that's mainly due to him living close and being a fan, but in reality he takes as many wrong guesses as the rest, so yeah, slightly more reliable than the others regarding Juventus, however not by much.

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