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Jul 23, 2002

Sadly there have flowered some new homo rumours of Del Piero in Italy

Del Piero who has long been rumoured to date Nico Amorouso sister is now only claimed to be doing that as a front......

He is currently rumoured to be living
in his recently pruchased palace outside Torino
with a boy from a very wealthy family in Torino that has ties to the Agnelli's

This news was brought from me from an Italian that lives in Torino

I do not know how true it is.....

it has however been circulating in Italian media..

I do not rememeber the name of the young man/ boy
he is rumoured to be in his early 20's,,,,,,,

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Jul 14, 2002
for fear of been called a homo myself i won't say anything...

other than we shouldn't care whether he is a homo or not, lol, if he is well, he is.....

just as long as he plays good football :devil:


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
I would still rather he was straight, I mean it would make him a bit of a laughing stock, and all sorts of adverse press for him and the club.

Having said that, its obviously down to him and I for one won't care so long as he plays well enough.

and its probably b*llocks anyway


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Jul 14, 2002
u got a good point there

i guess the adverse press and stuff would be detremental to the club....thou it doesn't seem to have affected totti and roma in anyway wots so ever :devil: or maybe they haven't found out.:D


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Sep 9, 2002
Who can believe this jealous downass crap
rumours and polemics about him should stop
Foes let us enjoy the master's return
Let juve's flame forever rise and burn
Victory, glory,triumph...so many names
For the same unbearably sweet flames
The world's kings are back for good
Let's now get what we truly should..

So many things to do
So little time


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Jul 23, 2002
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    The guy he is rumoured to live with is from one of the richest families in Torino

    So this is apperentley very hush hush........

    But apparently those things about Jugovic were true.....
    My contact from Roma confirmed this........

    However this thing is upsetting me ofcourse I don't mind his sexual preference.....

    But before DP hated those rumours.......

    Why don't they just let him play football
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