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Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Veronique ] ++
Hi! I'm new here and i don't know where to begin lol... I'm 17 years old and I'm Canadian... a big part of the family is Italian. I wish to talk italian someday lol. But I'm practicing my english with you because I'm speaking french hehe... So I love soccer and La Juve! My favorite players are Del Piero and Cannavaro. These are the best... and no I don't forget Gigi! :D
I read some topics and the members out there looks so cool! And so funny lol! Ale Juve!
hey Veronique...Enjoy your stay...i like Dp alot,and Zlatan! :D c ya 'round!

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Mar 4, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++

Evil gingerbread cookies? This wouldn't have anything to do with your avatar would it?

I actually zapped into a movie with a gingerbread cookie that came to life :scared: That was your creation wasn't it?!?!?!
Oh you missed that I guess and yes thats one of the suckers.

Better than that dumb camel hump thing atleast :D

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