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Aug 27, 2002
Hi all,

its has been a long time and I received a PM on xtratime to invite me to say you "hi"...

I just hope all is fine for you and believe it or not I wasnt so disapointed by Brescia lost this week end...Now I just like juve like before...My new idol is Miccoli (for the next year :D )....Hope to see juve win the CL...

I am having hard debate on xtratime with spanishs but all is back to the normal now...Im just tired of putting all my energies on trying to make change people who will never change!!!!

I will come back more often and will enjoy with you the CL NUMBER 3 for juve...I just believe that we can make it...

If we manage to pass real, milano will be eaten like a piece of cake Im sure...

Take Care


EDIT: BTW Im not sure this is the right place for this post...so excuse me if its wrong

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Apr 14, 2003
Sagha! Hey, how are you? Always nice to see another lover of the Great and Powerful Baggio back and posting! :)

See you around.


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Aug 27, 2002
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    Ive change my mind on Lippi, I forgive him (even if he is still a ba$tard ;) ), I mean this times Im more focused in our prestation in europe...

    You should renember that Juventus was my very first club since 85 to 95 Its true that I was sour for Baggio, but now all of this is past...In fact Baggio is getting older and even if I respect and still love him a lot, I dont think about the NT anymore for him (well maybe lets wait next year, if he want to go there, i will always be with him)

    Now, Im back in peace with juve because I always liked DP, even if it was hard in the preWC campaign, Del Piero can still do magic touchs and Im waiting to see him in CL...and the fact that Miccoli will come next year to juve is so awesome...I have a very special feeling with this guy

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