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Jul 27, 2002
one of my friend has a problem with his com and has asked me to help, but as i'm a mac-fanatic i couldn't really help him...

he can't even boot his com - i remember that back in my old window days one could restore some of the preferences by entering the following code in dos-mode:
cd scandisk
scanreg /restore

but that's not possible anymore, so my first question is...
1.) is there a new way to do restore the preferences and registry-entries?

the second question is concerning rescuing his data... with macs it's possible to connect 2 computers via firewire and when one presses the T-button while starting on one com all its disks appear on the other com as external fw-disks....

so my second question
2.) is there a similiar way to do this with windows pcs? (connect two coms without needing to boot both of them in windows...)

thx a lot in advance

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Dec 31, 2000
Ok, Windows is a b. to fix, I've never even tried fixing it myself, I just reinstall when that happens.

You can definitely back up your data though, provided the master boot record isn't f. up. If you have a spare computer, pull out the disk and plug it into a free ide channel, it's as simple as that, then just copy whatever files you want. The fact that Windows is screwed doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with the partitions, so heads up. :)


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Sep 16, 2003
Have you tried accessing the BIOS screen when you first turn on the computer, (usually by holding down a function key), and switchting where you want the computer to boot from? Have the computer boot up from the CD-ROM drive.

If he has a startup disk, it's possible that he could go into windows from there and then use the system restore function.

Just a thought. Best of Luck to you.


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Apr 22, 2003
I'd just reinstall, because even if he gets it working again, it'll probably be in shite condition.


(btw i know it's ur friend's comp, but i'll say it as if i'm talking to you)

Hopefully you're using a Windows version with a bootable CD. If so, just stick it in there and choose to format the old windows partition.

If not, get a friend to go to and make you a boot disk. Copy the following files onto the bootdisk:


boot the box up with the disk, then type in:

Format c: /u /q /S (unconditional, quick, system)

This will format your hard drive

xcopy the i386 folder from the windows CD,

oops i gtg now, to be continued. SORRY


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Apr 22, 2003
Nah screw that :lazy:

btw i'll continue later cos i gotta get ready to go out now.

plus it's pretty easy to figure out after that ;)

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