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Dec 31, 2000
Greetings all,

In these times we celebrate our 2 year anniversary of the forum's existence. The Juventuz Forums officially came online Dec 31 2000. It's been just over two years now and I'd like to thank all our members through this time! Back when we first started Juventuz was one of a few comparable fan sites. The forum has affiliated growth and helped spread the word about our site. Today you are all part of the largest English language Juventus fan site.

In the early days of the forum few people even knew it existed, we were happy to see one post per day that was made by someone other than the crew. But step by step it was all moving forward, largely thanks to our neighboring Juve forum at Xtratime.com. As people discovered the forum and started participating we were very fortunate to host a lot of nice people and many of those have gone on to participate on the admin side and have a large stake in the success of the community. Without their dedication in helping the forum, making newcomers welcome etc, the forum probably would not exist as it does today. Some of those people have left us, some are still around.

The forum would not exist without members. By that I'd like to thank you for staying with us and contributing in making it an interesting place, both for existing members and new people wondering should they register or not. Thanks to all who have contributed with posts, news, pictures, videos. Thanks to those who have helped spread the word.

Happy anniversary!


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