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Jul 12, 2002
I am afraid that I won't be around much over the coming months as myself and my wife will be learning how to cope with two children as opposed to the one.

Last night at 10.05 GMT little Ruth Cristina Arigho was born. It was a bit of a shock to both parents as she was due to be born on Oct 23, a full 4 weeks early. That being said she weighs a healthy 2.85 kg or 6lb 4oz. Both mother and baby are doing well and the father will be wetting the babys head in true Irish tradition.

I've taken photos with my new toy (digicam) and will post a couple as soon as I can.

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Jul 14, 2002
all the best for ure two kids and for ureself and u're wife



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Oct 30, 2001
I had to PM instead of post was on my 4999th post

but now I can say it so CONGRATULATIONS!! :thumb:

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