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Dec 31, 2000
There are so many people, with so many different histories and different paths that led them to join this forum. We do know each other in the now but we know little about each other's past. I think the notion of supporting a club, of following a sport is closely tied to the memories we have of magnificent events in the past. When asked about their following, a lot of people will name one exact incident that pushed them over the edge and thus they became a supporter. I think we all have a [vast] array of memories that we hold dear and use for a means to compare the present with the past. Thus I propose that unlock the database of memories (go open source :p) and share the moments that mean so much to each of us.

The criteria are simple. Share your favorite memories with the rest, they don't have to be about Juve, as long as they are about soccer. :) And mind that 50,000 characters per post limit ;)

Ps. Try to keep this thread on topic and avoid using it for chatting.

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Apr 22, 2003
In 1997, I went back to Korea to visit my relos. In that time, they were playing the France '98 qualifying matches, and Korea was playing our eternal rivals Japan. Korea went a goal down, and I realised at that time how much I cared.

The atmosphere was awesome (I wasn't even in a stadium, I was in an apartment, but all Koreans live in apartments, and nobody around the nation wasn't watching the match). Every time someone went close, the apartments literally shook with the noise and movement going on in every housing.

Imagine what it was like when we scored the equalising goal. It was absolutely insane. I'll leave it at that.

I had to leave to go sight-seeing or something, and I really didn't wanna leave. While we were waiting at the bus stop, I heard a huge "YEAAAAAAH" ringing around me, and I knew that we'd scored the winning goal :touched:

Then I went back to Australia and subscribed for ESPN to watch football. My love for Juve began then, but that's a different tale altogether.


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Sep 16, 2003
Well, being Italian, I'm a "mama's boy" by nature, and very proud of it.

Well, she became a Juventus fan because her mother and father were supporters as well, and that's how I became a supporter. In fact, when I was a child,(about 9 or 10), I had a whole collection of the sticker books that were made by Pannini, and the only doubles that I would keep when the book was completed were the Juve stickers.

There was also a game that they had back then, it was a table top game, that had these cardboard cut-outs of players that you would place on a plastic stand, with a slightly oversized football that you would kick, and there were dice and player cards that determined the success of your kicks based on a formula. They had all the teams of Serie A and Serie B at the time. (Late 70's)

I don't know if they still make that game, or a variation of it, or if it has gone by the wayside in favor of video games, just like the way my beloved electric table-top American Football game did. If anyone knows if that football (soccer) game still exsists, let me know.


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Sep 30, 2003
soccer: when I scored in my first game....that was sweet!:extatic:

liverpool: seeing Owen score in my first EPL match....:extatic:

juve: seeing part of the juve-manure CL 1st leg, with Juve playing well-I just loved it!!!:touched::touched:
Aug 1, 2003
Good times personally: I'm young and I don't have many collections of them. But last year, weeks before a MAJOR exam I got a D for science, and I never got an A for maths for two years, and I knew it I was going to screw up this exam and my parents will murder me.
as it turned out, I got 7 a's out of 8. the B was geography, but I was extatic. At least I know I'm not stupid.

On a more serious note,
I know everyone will be bored to death listening to this, but here goes (yes its the story that I went to old trafford)

I was watching a UEFA programme and they were talking about going to Manchester. I envied them. First ever all Italian final and all I want to do is see Juventus AND Inzaghi at the same time. is that too much to ask.

I went to sleep. Everyday I pray that I will somehow get to see Juventus. That night, I dreamt that I was at old trafford but I was feeling unhappy somehow there. I woke up. Is it an omen that Juve is going to lose?

I didn't want to go to school , the CL final is just the next day and I want to stay at home to prepare myself psychologically for the final. I went to sleep. Moments later my mom woke me up and insists that I go to school. I hated her at that time. I wanted to stay in bed.

Well, I got dressed for school. Then the phone rang. It was for me, and it was my aunt on the phone. I thought she wanted to give me VIP seats for Chelsea vs Malaysia. And she says, "who's playing in the CL final?" I said, "Juventus vs Milan" "Juve is your team, right?" she says and I said "of course" "Is Inzaghi in Milan?" "Yes, makteh (thats what I called her) and she says "well your uncle's friend has given him some free tickets, would you like to go?" I cried and whimpered. what a stupid question. would I like to go? YES.

I ran upstairs and blabbered about what my aunt had said. My dad said a STRICT NO. my sister just came back from a holiday in UK and our financial state is tight. I cried. I could not see Juventus. Now I hate both my parents.

On the way to school, I cried to my mother. I made her swear to talk to my dad about this. I told her if I die tomorrow you will all be sorry. At least if I die in UK I will die happy. My mother got panicky. I told her about my dream and it was a sign from God that I should go. I said I would jump out the window if I could not go, I would rob the bank if I could not go, I would steal her credit card and all that.

I went to school and cried again. I knew it I could not go. We're not rich, and UK is fvckin expensive.

I went home. My brother won't talk to me for a reason I do not know. I cried to my sister shouting I want to go, I want to go. Then my dad called me. "What are you doing?" "Eating," I answered shortly. "EATING?" he shrieked. "Get your Juve stuff, you're going to Manchester. Your flight is tonight."

And yes, I cried again. I was too happy. My bro won't talk to me because he's a MU fan, and he wants to go too.

Well, we got an extra CL ticket so he went with me. our flight was at 11 at night, we arrived at london at 8, took a shower, drove to Manchester with a friend which took 5 hours. and then....

There was Juventus and Inzaghi. Juventus and Inzaghi. I cried again!! Too good to be true.

Of course the tears didn't end there. Because we lost. But I can't have everything, can I?

Oh god this is too long I am so so so sorry.


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Jul 11, 2002
Ill just throw mine out in a few neatly titled headings :D

I liked football since i started playing it at primary school (thats the first school you go ;) ) And since i was the best i liked it ever more ;) I give me a way of beating other people and feeling good about myself lol.

Italian Football?
Supported Italian football always simply because Italian football started to be shown on Channel4, not much english football was on normal television and i didnt have sky so i never seen any. As the years went on i became a bigger and bigger fan of juve and italian football in general. And also i didnt want to support man u or liverpool like everyone else :p

and now?
Although i must admit my support of juve and football is on the decline. Yea of course i still do and always will support juve but i find myself visiting less sport sites, and i dont get to watch juve much at all now. Oh and i never play football now either.

I guess there is more to life than football :)


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Jul 16, 2003
ok... .... here goes.... this has got to be he most stupid girly story ever :wallbang:.... but it is how 1 ended up here... now...

I watched my 1st football match on TV when i was around..... 13/14 yrs old. And watched as in really sit down and try to understand the damn thing.

It was because me and my best friend were curious to learn what people actually saw in this game which at the time we knew.... consisted of 2 teams..... and well... you're surpossed to score a goal and the guy in the net is the GK. :wallbang:

The 1st match i watched was with her and it was soooooo dumb! Basically it was like...

Friend: ok.... ummm .... we should choose a team....

Me: yup.... Red team and blue team....... you choose

Friend: Red team (Man U :wallbang: )

Me: ok fine... i'm blue ( dun remember who they were.... 1 of the EPL clubs that wore blue jersey )

And that was how it all started. As time went by we both slowly learnt things here and there...... and grew to understand whats going on more and because we fllowed it... and we liked it :)

Not long after, Becks came into the picture and she liked him. That was soooo way back when he was a total nerd and she was 1 of the only people i know that has liked him at that time. And me... well i basically semi-surpported them cos of her and also Peter Schmeichel .(dun asked me what happened to my Blue team.. i hv no idea :D ) Yeah... so those were our Man U days :D

Also at that time.... we had an Intersting semi-local league (i don't want to elaborate on :wth: that is cos if i did i'd have to say where i am from and i don't want to do that.... but maybe a few here would know which league i'm refering to ) and this is actually where the real "passion" started. Cos it was our guys :) and we followed it like crazy.

Sadly later....... we did not play that league anymore and our local league was revamped..... and for some stange reason.... the atmosphere dissapeared quite a bit :down:

------------------end of phase 1 :D (the local league) --------------------

So there went our local league. No local league= TV= EPL cos they practically force feed it here and i diddn't have cable at the time. So..... we continued with Man U and followed the EPL.

-----------------end of phase 2 :D (EPL stage) ----------------------------

Then came WC 94.... my eye opener to all football non-EPL :D ........ But still not much chance to watch anything else.....I had to wait for the Euro's and the next WC.

Then came my dear cable :touched: And with that i started to watch the Liga and Serie A games........ and left EPL far far far behind. :D I never really liked any club in it anyway.

For Liga i came to be a fan of Valencia and Betis.

Actually i liked Liga 1st and i follwed it much more than Serie A.

---------------end of Phase 3 :D (Liga and Serie A) --------------

Now came WC 02! and while watching 1 of the Italy games......i of the 1st things that caught my eye was that black GK jersey and the hair cut :p it was just....... well different. And also the comentator made a coment about Gigi being the most expensive Gk. And yeah.... it rang a bell..... i knew this..... i heard/read about it...but i had never notice him play. But now he's here...... in front of my Tv... so..... lets see........

As the WC ended i wanted to find out a little more about him... so i did my internet research ....... and that's how i got all my info and learnt stuff etc etc.... (that's how i got to be a Gigi fan.... i've always liked GK's anyway...... they were the most awsome people to watch out of the 11 in the team )

----------------end of part 4 :D (Gigi! )----------------

And obviously....... apart from researching him..... i had to research the club too...... and if you type 'juventus' in the search bar........ quite inevitably... you'd find this site ;)

And here is where i've learnt so much about Juve.

Basiclly i started to watch Juve mathes cos of him..... but the more i watched...... the more i got to know about this club and the players........ the more i feel attatched to it.

So yeah that's me..... dumb girl..... Gigi fan, beginner Juve fan and the story of how Sunshine came to Juventuz


Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
UAE football:in the year 2002,there waz the final match between alain and wehda,i wanted wehda to win but my brothers wanted alain to win ,so,alain won and they never stopped bullying me and saying how strong the alain team iz:rolleyes:

INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL:in the year 2003,i went to the spain argentina match,and do u know what??i actually forgot who won,but anyways i enjoyed the game and had fun!!;)

in other words,football iz fun wherever u go to watch it..T.V,RADIO OR THE STADIUM!!;)
Aug 1, 2003
how I started supporting Juve? easy

I used to think I liked MU, but I never could care less if they lost. I never bothered. but when Juve lost to Perugia, I felt such a great pain I never knew existed and I cried so badly that you just know it in your heart you found your team.

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