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How many Goals will Pipita score this season in all comp?

  • 0-5

  • 6-10

  • 11-15

  • 16-20

  • 21-25

  • 26-30

  • 31-35

  • 36+

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Jul 30, 2015
Agree. Match in heaven: A Fat country for a Fat player

Once of our worst deals ever. Rookie section

He didn't even care at all, that's why he was out of form most of the time. Farewell and don't sign more old players in high salary and way less in high fees bar CR7, but he's the GOAT so he doesn't count


Mar 6, 2007
Higauin is not fat. We all know that. People just like to joke.
Having zero chest and wide hips is never going to look great on an athlete.

Loved his crucial goals against Inter and also at least one against Napoli. When he was up for it and mentally right he was very dangerous, but now is definitely the right time to move. Good luck to him.

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