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Sep 2, 2002
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Ball of gold: the good year for Alex Of The Piero? 04/10/2002 10:34.17 The juventino seems to have some
chances in more with respect to Ballack, Raul and Roberto Carlos

The good year of Alex? For Alessandro Of The Piero the Ball of gold remains a dream. Fourth in 1995 and in 1996, years in which the Juve of Lippi was at its apex. They were years in which the Old Lady
depopulated in Europe (finalist of Cup Uefa and winning of Champions League) and in Italy (badge and second place). A situation that resembles a lot to that of today: in the solar year 2002, Pinturicchio,
simply not having disfigured with the national one (when Trap trust givened him always answered with the gol, one to the Usa to Catania, one to the Mexico to the World and another in Azerbaigian. But it is
between supercoppa of League (doppietta that extended the Parma), championship (decisive its contribution to the title 2001- 02) and Champions League (three centers in the first three competitions) that Alex
earned second we the necessary credit for itself to the trophy of Frances Football. A merit, that of Of The Piero, that goes adds to the situations not happy certainty of the other theoretical candidates. We
leave from those that the Ball of gold it already won: Rivaldo did a large World one, but in the Barcellona was at the of under of its standard habituera, while to the Milan did not still shine. Talked
opposite for Figo and Zidane, that simply having won Champions League and Supercoppa with the Real, in Japan I am not itself practical seen. Ronaldo, then, was more in infermeria that in field, while Owen
played to interval. They stay, therefore in four: besides Of The Piero, we cite Raul, Roberto Carlos and Ballack, but for all there has been something from puntualizzare. Raul is not practical ever decisive
state, nor with the Spain, nor with the Real; Roberto Carlos is what won of more, but is simply always a defender and - if allowed - after not to have givened the trophy to Maldini and Baresi - has been a
scandal to assign it to him. It stays Ballack: extraordinary year, gol and substance, but also four seconds places, three with the Bayer Leverkusen (championship, cup and champions), one with the national one
to the World. Here second because we, Alessandro Of The Piero is in pole position

teehee... alessandro of the piero :D

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