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Apr 14, 2013
even Wanda knows about it :lol3:
Wanda: 'Perisic personal issues'
By Football Italia staff

Wanda Nara praised new Inter director Beppe Marotta for his “honesty” and suggested Ivan Perisic wants to join Arsenal for “personal issues.”
The wife and agent of Nerazzurri captain Mauro Icardi was on Mediaset show Tiki Taka when asked about the confirmation Perisic has put in a transfer request.
“I don’t think any player should be too focused on the work of his agent, as he has to remain concentrated on the game anyway,” said Nara.
“No player wants to lose, even if he is eager to leave. Perhaps he wants to go elsewhere because of personal issues.”
Icardi has also been linked with a move to the Premier League for Manchester United, but negotiations over a new contract seem to have taken a positive turn lately.
“We haven’t talked about the figures yet, because Inter have other priorities right now. Mauro is the captain, he always says he wants to leave the spotlight and focus on helping the team.
“I do like Marotta, as he seems an honest person and he proved that with the way he discussed the Perisic situation. He is what we need in this world, as there is so much hypocrisy in football. He tells you the truth to your face and we’re not accustomed to that in this business.”


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Sep 4, 2006
Did you even read the rest of the article that you didn't post here? Goes on to say Conte was spotted in Milan today.

Spalletti is just trying to burn down the house cause he knows he about to be sacked and he's kind of a cunt.


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Jan 18, 2016
i have no idea how he stayed there for so long. but with Marotta there, he just needs to ask to leave :beppe:

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signed contract extension until 2022 in October though, so maybe not
Perisic gets sold in the summer, and they dont activate their option to buy Vrsaljko. Brozovic hands in transfer request and only wantJuve (mandzu convinced him)


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