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Dec 27, 2003
After today's double, that's 17 serie A goals for Parma starlet Alberto Gilardino, more than any other italian striker and second only to Super Sheva in the topscorers' rankings.

In view of Vieri's tormented season, Inzaghi's terrible form, Corradi's decline or Bazzani not-star-enough status, the obvious question is : should we bet on this promising and prolific kid for our Euro quest?

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Jul 30, 2003
nahhh.... maybe just another Di Vaio... better stick to internationally tried and proven Vieri and Inzaghi... they never dissapoints at international level... but gila habe the pontential to make it big with still a young age.. he has a lot of time..
Sep 14, 2003
We should convoke him. I don't think there's much chance of that happening though and we should hope Vieri will stay fit because Corradi would be his replacement.


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Sep 16, 2003
++ [ originally posted by aressandro10 ] ++
nahhh.... maybe just another Di Vaio... better stick to internationally tried and proven Vieri and Inzaghi... they never dissapoints at international level... but gila habe the pontential to make it big with still a young age.. he has a lot of time..

He's hardly another DiVaio, my good man. Much more creative than DiVaio could ever dream of being. And remember, at one time Inzaghi and Vieri were "unproven" on an international level at one time as well.


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Jul 30, 2003
now now my good man.... when i say he could be another Di Vaio, i dont ment his uncreativeness...more of his one-season-wonderness... being second top scorer with Parma is something, but when u actually playing to win the scudetto and champion league, it would be another thing.... that also can be said about putting the whole country hope and expectation on his shoulder in a prestigous tournament that is held only once in four years.... he have tons and tons of U21 experience...he is in the perfect set up to be intergrated systematically into the senior team... like what happen to Inzaghi and Vieri in their "unproven" years...

beside club and country is a completely different can play horrible for club but turn into valiant hero for his country and vice versa.... vieri and inzaghi have played well along the qualifying, scoring important goals to bring italy to the finals..why back out from them now?


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Jul 15, 2002
Well I propbably wouldn't take him to Euro 2004 but if we have injuries in strikers....he may be a possibility.

We are almost half way through April so there is really only 1.5 months to go and Del Piero just comes back from injury and his form has been patchy this season and Inzaghi's form has not been good either. Vieri has not been playing much either.

The in-form strikers at the moment are:

Totti (but not consistent)

The forwards I would take are:

Totti (starter)
Cassano (starter)
Vieri (starter)
Miccoli (sub)
Del Piero ?

Put it this way.....if either DP or Inzaghi is not fit....I wouldn't be too fact it could be a mixed blessing in that Gilla could be the surprise package for Italy.


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Feb 18, 2001
I would not hesitate for a moment if Gila would have been called up for the qualification's rounds, but for a big tournament like Euro you have to have a team where players know each other and are familiar with playing together. At least the starters.

He can be called-up if one of the above mentioned players (Catenaccio's list) will get injured.


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Jul 12, 2002
He sure has been a surprise to me , I have to admit as he is actually a goal poacher with ability, sort of Inzaghi with skills.

He is an upgrade on Dv, thats for sure and for me if some reason, Inzaghi does not make it , then he should be called up as he seems to score willy nilly for the under21s, kid of proving he is too good for that stage and he might just be a suprise element

It sure seems very worrying for Italy that, Dp, Inzaghi and Vieri have had indifferent seasons, maybe it would make them fresh for the tourney

Cassano is unproven at the highest level, so are Bazzani, Corradi and Miccolli

Totti is no Maradona so no way can he win a tournament on his own


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Jul 15, 2002
Inzaghi may need surgery.

I think that could be the nail in the coffin for Inzaghi for Euro2004.

I think Gilla is a real chance now. Trap is likely to call him up for a friendly.

Think about it:

DP - just coming back from injury
Vieri - doesn't play much this season and is not his usual self
Totti - Form has been great at times but is not consistent and has niggling injuries.
Di Vaio - is in terrible form.
Miccoli - form has been patchy at best.

Who are the form players?

Cassano & Gillardino .

If Trap takes tried and tested DP, Totti, Vieri.....he has to take Cassano & Gillardino. You got have at least 2 or 3 forwards who are IN FORM.

This is what impresses me about Gilla (and I have hardly seen him play):

HIS 1st SEASON IN SERIE A AND HE IS NOT FAR AWAY FROM BEING THE "CAPO CANNONIERE". He is just 3 goals away from Scheva and he plays for Parma!!!!! - That sais a lot about his ability and his mental strength! He could be a real wild card!

Given that Italy's core system is 4-2-3-1, we should take 6 forwards - including 4 2nd strikers or supporting strikers and 2 centre forwards.

That is:

Totti (playmaker, striker)
Del Piero (playmaker, striker)
Cassano (playmaker, striker)
Miccoli (playmaker, striker)
Vieri (centre forward)
Gillardino (centre forward)

If Vieri and Gillardino both get injured or suspended.....Cassano has been used as a target man for Roma.

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