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May 17, 2019
that coincides with chiellini, barza, bonucci decline and switiching to zonal marking in last 2 years.

i fail to see how woj or gigi yelling is going to stop bonucci from ass tackles, or chiellini from getting injured every 2 weeks
Its going to stop Bonucci from bird watching or de Ligt / Demiral from being out of position though. With Bonucci as the defensive "leader" we solely lack chemistry, you dont see the heart and connection Buffon had with Chiellini f.e. anymore.


Jul 27, 2015
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Can't really fault him for the goals tonight, first was a free header from close range and the second was a freak-shot that perhaps should have been blocked or at least had been better dealt with it by someone beforehand, perhaps somehow could have made a 'superman' save on one of it like in his day but yeah afterall he is old and can't pull those all the time anymore otherwise he'd probably still be a starter duhh... he is doing quite fine for his age though and probably better than many of his younger peers still, perfectly content with this current version of him for the role he is also gladly embracing now.

Never going to get tired of seeing him on the pitch even if it is just from time to time. :tup:
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