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Aug 10, 2002
I wrote four poems last night,
please tell me what you think of them.


Four short poems written by Johan Hjort (2002-08-27).



i stare into the deep.
feeling like no other.
creating paintings with
my own blood. Pain is,
for me, beauty. For
others, fear.


not easy

willing to face what has become,
isn't always easy. For anyone
without enough self esteem.
insults flying towards me,
not hitting me as they should.



when drugs are needed, life has
been lost of all its glory.
without glory, there is no life.
and yet, drugs are needed for
our survival.



i walk remembering the past years,
all this suffering, and i am still
here, alive. many times i have had
an urge to end it all. not really
knowing how. at this very day, i
still know i will get those thoughts
back into my head, unable to remove
them. but life is what it seems to be,
a fight to the day we die and decay.



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Jul 25, 2001
You're good! One quesion though; think you could make a more positive one? ;)

Let me share this one with you (not really a poem - more a 'lesson'):


Yes or no

If you want them for an answer, you're looking for something that doesn't exist

Yes or no, white or black

If the world were black and white, everybody could rule a country, set up a business, become successful and live and easy and happy life

But the world is grey, lines are vague and evil comes in disguise

There's a story behind every question, there's a story behind every face you see

For the fortunate, they are happy stories
For the others they are stories drenched in pain, horror and blood

The key-word is grey, sir

The colour is grey



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Aug 10, 2002
++ [ originally posted by ErikP ] ++
You're good! One quesion though; think you could make a more positive one? ;)
I've written about two or three positive ones, but they are old.
Anyways, here is the most positive I could find:
It's quite old though.


Feeling by Johan Hjort. (Written 2001-06-02)

I have seen death in its eyes
I wanted to take my life
But it's over now
It's all over

Feeling fine, living like I used to.
Not thinking about the end
Not hating everyone

I sit here, and I'm feeling ****ing fine
Still I don't love anyone,
But who cares?
I am alive,
That's what matters.

Not wanting to end life
Just continue living

Suicide is not a solution,
it only hurts.

(damn those pink rabbits)

Sitting here, drinking beer.
Feeling ****ing fine

Don't want end my life
Can't see it as an option anymore

Sitting with the persons who cares about me
Having fun, drinking beer.

Enjoying life
Feeling fine


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Aug 10, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Our first in house poet.. :cool: Do you rap too? :D

(Sorry, just couldn't resist... :D)
Haha, no I don't.
I'm more into writing what I'm thinking and stuff.

(Wow Nekton logged out so I could log in and post this reply :D)

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