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Dec 31, 2000
Hello all,

First of all I'd like to congratulate our new crew members in tarmpropp and -Fantasista-! :party:

Moving on to our major issue for the day, over the last few months, we have noted some tendencies on the board which we do not necessarily applaud. As it is, threads often derail very quickly and fail to serve their purpose. We believe that a person who opens a thread is genuinely interested in pursuing the subject, that contribution should not be overlooked and participants should strive to stay on topic. Because that is the kind of atmosphere which inspires insightful posting and productive debate. While we do recognize that "chat" threads are important in this community, they should not feature unrestricted. We do have a forum for them, it is "The hangout".

While this is a relatively open community, the keyword is still Juventus. Lately, we have noted the tendency to pursue threads which have no relation to the club or the sport whatsoever, nor do they really qualify to be labeled insightful for other reasons. In other words, threads which have no defined subject and just exist based on a somewhat random stream of brainstorm posting. Given the nature of a forum, the fact that a lot of people potentially read what is being said, we feel that chat rooms and instant messaging are the proper channels for this kind of exchange. And in fact, this is the kind of threads we most wish to eliminate and threads in this category will be closed without notice. On the other hand, threads which are posted in the right forum and which deal with concrete things are fine and welcomed.

We think that these measures are necessary to improve the quality of the forums and sustain the interest of the members long term.

The Crew

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