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Dec 31, 2000

The time has come for the forum to come back online. I'll give you a short summary of the events... At one point the forum stopped responding, it looked like a minor error which we've seen a couple of in the past, usually fixed quickly. But at this time our host was out of town a lot and nothing was being done about the problem. About 2 weeks passed before I decided little could be done about the forum. Parts of the data were corrupted and the parts I managed to restore were no good on their own. Hence you will find that the structure and look of the forum is very similar to what it used to be. However all posts and user info is gone. :(

So we start from scratch with a new forum, everyone will have to re-register. I'm afraid we'll be playing the post restoration game again, for more info click here. On the upside, the forum is upgraded to the current version of vBulletin (last upgrade was one year ago!), which means it should be better in terms of functionality and stability. Apart from the main new features, you will also find a number of small improvements have been made. If you find anything you suspect is not working as it should, direct all your bug reports to this thread.

If you choose to re-register under a new name, we ask you to include your old username in your signature, so that others will know who you are. :)

A chat has also been added to the forum. ;)

We hope you will bear us through the inconvenience of re-registering but we hope the forums will work better for everyone now. :)


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