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Jul 15, 2002
Rosberg seems like a nice guy - perhaps that is his problem.

As much as I hate Hamilton, I always thought he was the far better driver compared to Rosberg. Hamilton could well be the best driver in the field although I would also rate Ricciardo, Vestappen and Alonso in that list as well - perhaps Vettel as well - although Raikonnen seemed to be much better this year. Not that convinced on Bottas - not sure he is better than Rosberg to be honest. If Mercedes dominate again, you know it will be Hamilton without much competition.

My gut feel is that Red Bull will be very close to Mercedes next year.


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May 11, 2005
I think Rosberg was underrated by many in relation to Hamilton. He beat him this year fair and square, he may not have won many at the end but he didn't need to Rosberg's start to the season and form after the summer break won it for him.

He also pushed him last year, people use Hamilton's reliability as an excuse this year (he only retired in 2 races vs 1 for Rosberg) but Rosberg had the same issues last year (Hamilton 1 retire vs Rosberg 2)

I'm not convinced either driver is even in the top 3 in the current field but the amount of articles (particularly on the BBC) suggesting Hamilton is vastly superior to Rosberg are misguided.

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