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Dec 19, 2003
I miss the days were you had to pit and put fuel in. The days before they changed the rules because Ferrari won too much.


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Dec 14, 2009
Unfortunately it's because of Ferrari fuck ups on refueling, especially in Singapore is the reason why it's no longer implemented in today's F1.


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Jul 15, 2002
I am glad at least Rosberg won. I can't stand Hamilton. Having said that, I think Hamilton is by far the better driver and was a bit unlucky and was perhaps not 100% focused at the start of the season.

Next year, I hope the changes (wider tyres and wider cars) will lead to less Mercedes dominance. Given that the delta will be aerodynamics rather than engines, my prediction is that Red Bull could be the strongest next year or at least be on par with Mercedes. I suspect Ferrari won't make much of a jump. They are decent on the engine front but always tend to trail when it comes to aero. Plus I think they have serious organizational issues. I also expect Mclaren will see a huge improvement next year.


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Dec 23, 2005
Such a refreshing end to the season, i avsolutely loved how hamilton came out as a butt sore loser, the retarded fuck almost died a little inside watching rosberg take thst title.

Huge respect for vettel for telling it like a champion right in hamilyon's face, it was a pretty solid way to seperate hamilton from the really elite and classy champions and show him how much of a moron he really is.

I dont give a shit about rosberg, but anything that will piss hamilton off is welcome.

The guy above me speaks the entire truth, ricciardo will win the championship next year.

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