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Western Imperialist
Jun 18, 2006
I have but one request.

If they are going to bring out another FM that is not an improvement on the previous one (FM2009-FM2010) at least tweak it so I can run a large database with 6 leagues at a steady pace. I can run 10 leagues on FM2009 faster than 2 on FM2010.

I would very much like loan to buy to be a more frequent happening and also for 'Sporting Directors' that go an get players for you, realism wise.


Till death do us part!
Jul 25, 2006
one thing that needs to be added to the game is 'player medicals'

after the player has had his medical with the club, the physio's come back to you with a report and it is up to you whether you want to sign him or not.

it really annoys me when i try to sign a player who is injured for say 1 month but my directors cancel the transfer because he is carrying an injury.

it should be up to the manager to make a gamble on the player or not!

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