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Jul 17, 2002
From Florentia to Fiorentina

Fiorentina are back in the Italian game after Florentia Viola successfully bought the historical brand name.

Florentia chief Diego Della Valle had his £1.6m bid accepted this morning after the club were declared bankrupt last summer.

The demise of Fiorentina saw a new outfit formed in the shape of Florentia Viola who had to start life in Serie C2.

But the side, who recently won promotion to C1, will now be able to use the name Fiorentina and revert back to the famous purple shirts.

Della Valle has 60 days to pay the fee or the brand name will be auctioned for a second time.

"There is great satisfaction," said lawyer Roberto Russo. "The hopes of the fans and the city have been fulfilled.

"As residents of Florence, we should all thank Della Valle for what he has done for the club."
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Personally I'm not really that fond of the club wether it's called Florentia or Fiorentina (them hating anything Juve's guts probably has something to do with that), but it's still nice to see them - hopefully - get their real name back.

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Jul 17, 2002
yeah, serie A has been wierd without them...

At least Chievo seemed to cover for them in the last 2 years :D

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