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Oct 22, 2001
The Viola have lost their battle against bankruptcy as £13m could not be found in time, but the club was saved from the amateur League in an act of clemency.

Fiorentina were set to play the 2002-03 season in Serie B after relegation last year, but were unable to balance the books in time for today’s deadline.

Patron Vittorio Cecchi Gori had pledged to provide the £13m needed to save the historic side, but a fax from a Colombian bank promising the cash proved to be false.

The rules would usually see Fiorentina shunted down to the Eccellenza – amateur – League, but due to the former Scudetto winners’ status in Italian football they may be allowed a spot in Serie C1.

Effectively, Fiorentina have been declared bankrupt, but the League has “accepted a request to maintain the name ‘Fiorentina’ and start again in another professional division,” explained representative Enrico Giani as he left today’s meeting.

“The issue is whether it is C1 or C2. We must create a new club with a capital of £2m within the next few hours. The businessmen of Florence must come forward now.”

“I was the only one fighting for Fiorentina,” assured Roma President Franco Sensi as he left today’s League meeting. “I am 80% sure the Viola will start again from Serie C1.”

Ternana, the last side to be relegated from Serie B last season, will be promoted back into the second division to take Fiorentina’s place.

“We will try to do something for Fiorentina,” explained League President Adriano Galliani, “because this club does represent an important part of Italian football culture. But we must stay within the rules.”

This is the latest, and perhaps final, chapter in a troubled year for the Florence side.

Last summer debts of over £100m were discovered and the season was spent selling off stars while other players sued the club for unpaid wages.

The club was relegated into Serie B as the off-field problems took their toll, but the situation deteriorated further in the last two months.

Patron Vittorio Cecchi Gori failed to fully solve their financial problems and even the arrival of a court appointed administrator did not save the side.

“At the moment I have no reason to be optimistic,” revealed administrator Enrico Fazzini late last night, “and no reason to think the £13m will ever arrive."

"We asked the banks to stay open until 6.30pm on Wednesday to maintain some hope, but even then there were no concrete developments.”

“I fear it truly is over now,” added the Florence-born bankruptcy official. Cecchi Gori’s inability to pay had previously forced an open auction on his shares in the club, but no bids were made.

“We will do everything possible to keep Fiorentina in the world of professional football,” commented Florence council member Achille Serra in a telegram sent to the Italian FA.

“The tradition and history of the Viola side must force everyone to make an effort to ensure this city and its fans a future in football.”

Meanwhile, Ternana are overjoyed at their return to Serie B just months after their relegation.

“We already have the flags, wine and ham ready,” smiled President Luigi Agarini. “We were confident of this development and want to celebrate it in the right way.”

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Dec 31, 2000
This came as a small shock to me, I never realized it was that serious. Viola fans must be delighted with Cecchi Gori.... :boxing:

No more Fiorentina :wallbang::down:


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Jul 12, 2002
I can't say I really have any sympathy for them. Juventus is able to be very sucessful and have a balanced budget.


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Aug 1, 2002

Your irreverence counter to an institution is truely uncalled-for! Now pay some respect to this dying institution or at least stay in the shades if this about what that whole mess inspires the both of you... Please!? :rolleyes:


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Jul 12, 2002
A new Viola dawn begins Thursday 1 August, 2002


A new club, Fiorentina 1926 Florentina srl, has been created to restart in Serie C after the Viola were declared bankrupt, but the players are all free to leave.

This afternoon the once glorious club, who won the Coppa Italia as recently as last season, was declared bankrupt after failing to find the £13m necessary to cover their debts.

Fiorentina were removed from the Serie B calendar and replaced with Ternana, the last side to drop down into Serie C1 last May.

However, the FA has bent the rules to allow a side representing the city of Florence to remain within the professional football leagues.

The Mayor of Florence Leonardo Domenici created a new club –Fiorentina 1926 Florentina srl – this evening. The politician has been named President of the side, while council members Eugenio Giani and Carlo Paolini are also on the board of directors.

Meanwhile, the ‘old’ AC Fiorentina no longer exists and the players are all free to leave the Stadio Artemio Franchi.

Coach Eugenio Fascetti is also unsure as to whether he will stick with the new Viola side.

“One thing is playing in Serie C1,” explained the former Bari boss, “but C2 is another story entirely. Before making rushed comments, I would prefer to think over the situation.”

FA President Franco Carraro admitted that it is more likely Fiorentina will start the season in C2 rather than the more prestigious Serie C1.

“I will speak with the players,” said the tactician who was appointed in May, “and see how many of them will stay on. After that I shall decide whether or not to continue in charge of the Viola.”

The majority of the more experienced players will certainly leave free of charge this summer.

Captain Angelo Di Livio was perhaps the most distraught at the bitter finale to a year-long battle against bankruptcy.

“It is a disappointment that cannot be explained in words. Florence did not deserve this and I have to wonder if everything possible was done to save the club. I ask that of the businessmen and institutions all the way up to President Vittorio Cecchi Gori.”

Striker Enrico Chiesa was already tipped to take leave of the club following interest from Lazio and Milan.

“The whole situation is horrifying,” commented the former Sampdoria and Parma man. “We saw a sea of words when all we needed was action.”

It is now likely that Chiesa will head for Juventus on a free transfer, while the £8m price tag attached to Nuno Gomes is no longer a stumbling block for Benfica or Sporting Lisbon.

Di Livio looks set for a return to his home town at Roma. Christian Amoroso is a target for Bologna and Torino, Marco Rossi could head for Chievo and West Ham United may finally snatch Alessandro Pierini.

Daniele Adani was already in talks with Parma and will enter into Milan’s bid for Fabio Cannavaro.

Sandro Cois has been linked with Como and Serie B giants Sampdoria.

The youngsters will also jump ship now that Fiorentina has been declared bankrupt. Creative midfielder Palombo could join former Coach Roberto Mancini at Lazio.

Local rivals Empoli have set their sights on defender Alessandro Agostini, Greek striker Vakouftsis and talented 19-year-old goalkeeper Mario Cassano.


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Jul 28, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Stephañho! ] ++

Your irreverence counter to an institution is truely uncalled-for! Now pay some respect to this dying institution or at least stay in the shades if this about what that whole mess inspires the both of you... Please!? :rolleyes:
Stephañho, if you dont mind me asking, where are u from? Becuase this is english of a high standard. Repeating what Dj Juve asked, do you study literiture?

Thats was the best english i have ever seen in a single post:thumb:.

It sounded heart felt, as if you had feeling for Fiorentina. Or it was a very sarcastic comment.

brilliant, pure brilliance.


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Jan 12, 2002
Corupt people like Cecchi Gori shouldn't run great clubs like Fiorentina, its just sad that the people of Florence suffer because of the mistakes of one careless person. The glory days are over and Italy have lost one of its football pillars in Fiorentina :down:

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