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Jul 28, 2011

-rep anyone who metions my name

also from bottom of my heart i hope anyone who mentions me gets in a coma and misss juve games for 2 year


Jul 27, 2015
He had a really good game last night against Real Madrid, if not for poor finishing by his teammates or crap refereeing he couldv earned a penalty and even offer two really fine assists.
I do like the guy and honestly i thought he is playing in some low tier club this days, but seems he still got another year or two in him for this level. :tup:

Tottenham Hotspur striker Fernando Llorente reveals “I still feel an affinity with Italian football and Juventus.”

Llorente joined Juve on a free transfer from Athletic Bilbao in 2013 and scored 27 goals for the Bianconeri in two seasons, helping them win successive Scudetti and reach the Champions League Final.

“I still feel an affinity with Italian football and Juventus,” he told Premium Sport after Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Real Madrid on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry for their defeat to Lazio, but I hope they can win another [Serie A] title.

“My future back in Italy? I felt good in Italy, leaving many friends in Turin. Juventus were like a family to me, but for now I’m happy in the Premier League and I’m enjoying this result.”

If it was by me, well...who knows, i woudnt say no to him being a back-up for Higuain, seeing ofc how many usefull crosses and headers we waste when Mandzukic is not in the box, Lorente could actually be an asset lol


Jul 27, 2015
Everybody loves Nando! :touched:

Hear me out, i say let's all sign a petition and send it to Agnelli demanding we want Llorente back as our back-up striker! :matri: :juvefan2: :lol:
May 3, 2012
First match for Spurs without Kane and this dude scored an own goal. It's going to be a long two months for them.

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