Federico Chiesa - AM RL, SS - Fiorentina (3 Viewers)

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Feb 9, 2013
Looks legit I think I saw the same picture in Gazzetta dello Sport

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What if madrid wants him back in summer? Offers to pay him crazy salary and he says yes.

When paratici inevitably accepts does that make him most cucked GM in football history?
Funniest part will be Badass spinning in circles defending Paratici, trying to explain how it is Allegri’s fault for playing negative football.


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Oct 6, 2011
I disagree.

I still want him tho. But he has more Krasic style than Del Piero style.
More Messi/Suarez(at Liverpool) hybrid.

-His close ball control
-Desire to face goal and take on challengers

Gotta love his directness. A natural counter player
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