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Mar 6, 2003
Chiesa is much better as a LW. If he comes at the expense of Dybala, Ronaldo should be the CF, and Costa RW.
That could be a solution.
Becuase like i said, he is a great shooter and good cutting in.... So using him from the right is not bad, but we limit his directness from the left


Jun 17, 2011
Getting him would be great. Selling Kean would be retarded. We would have a monopoly on the front line of the bright-looking future Italian national team. Why ruin that?


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May 5, 2004
I feel the same way. Thought Bernardeschi was amazing when he was at Fiorentina. Has not come anywhere close to expectations since he arrived and I’m starting to believe his ceiling is far lower than we hoped.
I think the fault is Max system, while player not looking to explosive we still can win with low margin

That is why we change to Sarri, with fast pass and one touch attacking moves player will look more explosive and hopefully can improve players value. If we can get 100+ goals in all competition that will looked great in player stats (goals and assist)

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May 11, 2004
Can we plusvalenza with this dude? If so, count me in. We should also get Plusvalenza as a sponsor, have it all over our shirts, on the seats inside the stadium, and on all the advertising billboards.
Of course we can, he's young and can be easily sold. We should definitely invest.


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Dec 31, 2002
Don't need another Bernardeschi. Current Italian talents are overrated
Actually Chiesa is:
1. Better than Bernardeschi
2. Can really dribble and is quite fast therefore could create lots of troubles for opposition
3. Proves himself for Italy time after time while at Fiorentina I guess he reached even more than Bernardeschi reached there.
4. He is 21 years old - He could really develop and become even better
5. Despite us wanting the best for every position we do need Italians in the team to reserve some Italian identity...
6. He should really fit our new system
7. Italian means he is unlikely to ever leave therefore we get a loyal player and it does mean something
8. Actually thats not 8 but it is a bonus... He is a declared Juve fan IIRC

As for Italian talents overrated - I completely agree - Kean-Not sure he is going to be as good as the forum suggested while Bernardeschi didnt get to the next level.
Barella is a good player but isnt really going to be Pirlo or something..
Chiesa is a bit different since he is only 21 and already lighting up everything he touches.. Still I dont expect him to be "a Neymar" but he would be very nice addition until we get all the Neymars and Mbappes..

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Didnt he agree on much better terms with Juventus + Juventus are a much bigger club and way better to relish yourself on the grandest stage of them all + If he is a Juventino...
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