Federico Chiesa - AM RL, SS - Fiorentina (1 Viewer)

Aug 13, 2013

based on the ~7m he's asking, i'm sure he'll die to wear our jersey :baus:

for 30-40m and a reasonable, ~2-3m salary, i'm in. but paying 70m + 7m net for a player who scored 6 goals in fiorentina as their star player? i'd rather pass.
why we have to be to think he is supposed to score goals?
Aug 30, 2002
He is going for big boys sum, so he should be showing big boy impact, handful of assists and few goals in Fiorentina is not big boys material. He is an explosive very talented young winger, so I wouldnt mind him, but Fiorentina might do a Toro Belotti if they are holding out for near 70-90m.
Jan 26, 2009
Cuadrado is not very good though.
Maybe not good enough for a top club like Juventus, but definitely good enough for a mid table team like Fiorentina.

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Not really, we can offer more, Cuadrado's value is low, and Chiesa is still 22 and is really excellent talent.
I value Cuadrado at around 20 million. I don't think we should pay anything more than 50 million for Chiesa.

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