May 23, 2011
Like Rabiot, he picked up his game after the break.his decision making is still pretty bad though. When he needs to release the ball, he holds it just a second too long so the passing channel closes down.


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Apr 17, 2013
I'm tired of this boring player. The only player who has not progressed since Sarri arrived, but OK he scored against Liechtenstein. All have either almost regained their best level (Bonucci, Dybala, Sandro, etc), or have exploded their glass ceiling (Pjanic, Cuadrado, Matuidi), except him who is still crapp.


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Mar 30, 2006
How would you like if i offer Boateng instead

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Must be one of the most frustrating players I ever seen. You know it is bad when Cuadrado has one of he’s full retard games and he is still not the dumbest player on our team.
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