Apr 16, 2017
There should be no questions regarding his defending and his desire. Ran the whole match. Helped Cancelo the whole match. His role was very difficult with 10 men. We were never outnumbered on his side.

I will never believe that he cannot play Khedira's position until I see it.
I think he took Khedira’s place once Costa came on. We played 4-3-2


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May 26, 2009
He's easy on the eye so will always be popular with neutrals and purists, but what he did better today was concentrate all game and made the right decision almost always. His touch was also really good, even for his high level. This sort of game is also great for fitness, which he needs in the long run.
He’s also so much of a physical beast now, to add to his undoubted skill and flair. Compare him to what he looked like 2-3 years ago at Viola. Almost Ronaldoesque. Gonna be a key player for us and Italy from now on.


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Apr 17, 2014
Berna, Chiello and Pjanic was absolutly delightful. The whole team play a great game, but those 3 stand out...

Everytime he get a ball, i'm on super excited mode. Berna for lyfe!

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Jul 30, 2015
Fantastic game.He finally is starting to show his potential.

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Honestly first time I can see something relly special about him... he was a monster today, he covered the entire field and always with a true purpose


Mar 23, 2015
Mezz’ala is the way forward for Berna. Has the physical and technical attributes to be a very good player in that role.
i just checked a couple of old images, and his shoulders are huge now compared to the old berna. what a lovely transformation: a more useful player and a nicer poster boy.

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