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Oct 1, 2001
Another thread from the old-school....

What are all your fave tv shows?

Mine are:

Scrubs :LOL:
Malcolm in the middle
Fawlty Towers :LOL:
During the world cup- Johnny Vaughan's world cup extra :LOL:


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Jan 12, 2002
Friends. :thumb:

By the way Alex, did you here about the 'Sienfeld' curse?? It seems that after the show none of Jerry's co-workers were able to get one successful show or movie going. They all failed. George, Ellane, and Kramer :) They are still blaming Jerry for stopping the show even though it was at its peak during that time.


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Jan 12, 2002
True. But I don't know the real reason behind ending the show. He was getting millions for every episode and the show had the largest TV audience back then. Its not like he stopped the show to pursue a movie career or something, he just stopped !!


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Dec 31, 2000
Yeah that's right but if you consider that was the 8th season, that is quite a long time to be doing the same thing and a lot of shows shut down around that time, as far as I recall Friends is going into its 9th season and there has been a lot of talk about quitting.

As for making money, I read somewhere that Seinfeld made $2.2 billion in one year, probably at the peak of the shows' popularity so with that kind of income one probably doesn't care about making those few extra bucks if you know what I mean... ;)


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Jul 17, 2002
The A-Team

The Simpsons
the secret lives of us
Full House - my arse!!!

Any show with ellen degeneres is - boring (she's not funny and you can't build up a show were all the co-"stars" could just as easily be replaced with one of those bags that laughs when you squeese it (it would be a more honest laught ,though))

Btw: am i the only one who think TRL sucks? probably, yeah...

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