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Back & Quack
Mar 9, 2004
* after seeing barts news show about old joe and the ducks*

Mr burns: *sniff* smithers..do you think maybe my nuclear power plant killed those ducks?

Smithers: There is no maybe about it sir...

Mr burns: *sniff* Excellent..



Back & Quack
Mar 9, 2004
And one of my fav epidsodes, thats overlooked is the spinoff one.. where grandpa dies and goes in Moes love machine!!

A dialouge from the episode:

Troy Mclure: Can you name these two popular simpsons charcaters who died in the show?

(very obviously Dr. Marvin Monroe and Bleeding gums murphy Shadows in the picture)

Troy Mclure: If you said Dr. Marvin Monroe, and Bleeding gums murphy, you were.. wrong! they were never popular!


And my favourite character is lionel hutz

*when baby sitting bart and lisa*

Lisa: Mr hutz, why are you burning all your files.

Lionel Hutz: Lionel hutz his dead. Say hello to miguel sanchez!

*in the morning*

Lisa: Mr hutz? (pokes him when he is asleep)

Lionel Hutz: (jumps out with a knife) DONT TOUCH MY STUFF!... oh wait this isnt the WMCA...

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