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Jul 26, 2007
Matri was super finished the moment he left Juve, a poor mans Boriello. At this point in his career I'm sure he needs to sit down while peeing to get it on target


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Jul 12, 2011
That Arctic Circle is thinning out the oxygen to your brain, bro!
actually might be the fact i havent smoked weed in close to 2 weeks now :scared:
i was a daily smoker for at least 10 years :spliff:
i miss my herb
made an order online today though :tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport:
half pound on the way, 4 different strains :diculo::diculo::diculo::diculo:


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Aug 8, 2006
Good to see that he’s still performing at a high level.

Thanks for not celebrating today. Otherwise this place would be melting down for nothing really

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