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Apr 9, 2015
I wonder how many Juve youth get linked to Bari. Already Audero being mentioned on loan.
Only good for us, isn't it? Grosso know the players well and he has a warm feeling by Juve so he won't bench our youngsters.

I hope Grosso will get Bari in Serie A. It's one of, if not the biggest club in Serie B at the moment. Oh, and if Grosso develop himself to a great coach, who knows we will see him in a suit with the Juve emblem next to the field :)


Mar 23, 2015
brescia with grosso so far in the league:
- 0-4 against torino
- 0-3 against roma
- 0-3 against atalanta

surely a tough draw, even torino are a level above, but 0 goals scored and 10 conceded in 3 matches isn't something to be proud of. brescia look beyond repair now.

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