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Sep 21, 2002

is the european championship in basketball interest some of you?

well, of course basketball is nothing comparing to football, but the european championshio is always interesting. at least the last one was very exciting :cheesy:

and my national team is even in there :extatic: but not for too long :D

who you think will win?


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Feb 18, 2001
Hopfully (now that Slovenia left the court) Serbia & Montenegro will be crowned as a champ again.
Sep 28, 2002
who'll win.
lithuania of course. most balanced team in these champs. no big stars as in other teams, wonderful coach. we should win. we deserve it after all.

siandien lietuva laimeeees
musu nieks nesulaikys.

though basketball sucks, eventhough lithuania knocked out defending champs and best team jugoslavia, football team's victory against faroe islands 3-1 was much more sweeter to me.

that day lithuania rocked the world.

yeah baby!

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