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Dec 31, 2000
Throughout the regular season, most of us are Juve fans and we're a tight knit community with little conflict. But when it comes to international tournaments, everyone is supporting different teams and this is potentially a very explosive combination. As members of the community, we have made a lot of friends here but if we don't keep on our toes, we may well ruin that in a very short time. The keyword is once again: respect. Respect that people support different teams, respect that we may sometimes disagree completely and don't let that get to your head.

I will not tolerate the repeated bashing of certain teams or players. This community is an international one, we have members from just about every nation competing in this event and on top of that those who don't support their native national team have all sorts of preferences/alliances towards these teams. Remember where you are, you are not hanging with your buddies, you are with people. Lots of people. People you don't even know are reading this.

Opinions are welcome, insults are not. If you don't have anything thoughtful to say, write it on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope for archeologists to find. Do not (deliberately or inadvertently) provoke people, they didn't do anything to you.

Personal attacks are not acceptable, nor is cursing of the opponent. It is understood that most of us support Italy and I am prone to being a little more lenient with the Italy supporters but that is all the slack your are going to get. Be respectful!

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