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Jul 12, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
    Am I? You're right, I'm a huuuge Norway fan, I simply must not know it myself yet. :D
    exactly, you are just bitter that Brazil always wins and not france.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Personally I think it is a disgusting a disgraceful behaviour and solidarity has nothing to do with it
    They feel because they get paid money that is way above their respective talent , they have the right to hold the nation to ransom even if it was all a bluff

    Rio was very stupid, rules are there to be adhered to, the Epl has always been lax when it comes to drug testing and in fact a lot of players have said they know of colleagues who dope

    He missed a dope test which in itself is a crime, whether he tested or negative or postive is another issue, then 3 days after the whole hulabaloo , he suddenly remembers witha bit of PR that he called the FA on that day to take the test

    The Fa did not act properly by making it all public now but it does not excuse the players for talking rubbish about striking

    Actually not all of them, its reported were in support, some of the younger members were laughing at the whole thing while players like paul Scholes were quiet

    None has the right to take his country to ransom like this, why don't they strike at club level, simple because the manager would just put them on transfer list and buy others just as good or better
    What an unfortunate time for English football in particular with all the wrong headlines


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    Jul 14, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by mikhail ] ++
    Maybe, but it seems a stupid and heavy-handed way of doing it. Why was his name released? He's not even had his case heard, and he's been thrown out of the England squad and had his name plastered over the papers. That's a disgraceful way of handling things.

    BTW, the players have backed down, but expressed their disappointment with the FA.
    I see it in different way.

    He is a football player, and this is kinda his job. So as in every job, he has some rights and duties. And one of his duty is to make such test and make it on time. So if he forgot about his duty, specially such important duty, he should be punished.
    He really is not 5 years old boy, and such excuses like: I forgot cause I had a move are simple silly.
    So if he "forgot" - he must take responsibiliy for his poor memory.

    And about FA ban:
    Playing in NT is not some private party, it's a big privilege for players.
    So if someone forgets about his duties, why he should still get such a privilage in this moment?
    Specially that he forgot about doping test - his participation now would be improper.

    And about rest of NT players:
    I dont mind, if the defend one of them (however they must know rules and that Rio was at fault), but the way they do it, is very important. If they want to meet with FA people, discuss, express their disappointment etc - fine.
    But such thing like: we wont play, unless Rio will be back to the NT is really beyond me - they really seem to forget, that they play for NT not for themselves.


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Rio's rallying cry

    Rio Ferdinand has issued a rallying cry to the England squad, urging them to put recent events behind them and get the required result in Turkey.
    The Manchester United defender was controversially omitted from the England squad for the crucial Euro 2004 qualifier with Turkey on Saturday after missing a mandatory drugs test.

    The rest of the squad tried but ultimately failed to have the defender reinstated, even going as far as to threaten strike action.

    Ferdinand appreciated the solidarity of his international colleagues, but felt the team should travel to face Turkey.

    He has now issued a statement, saying he will be watching the game from his home giving full support to the team.

    A statement by the player read: "I wish the lads all the best for the game in Turkey.

    "I just hope they can go out there and get the result that will take us to the European Championship finals.

    "I want them to know that I will be watching every moment of the game live on Sky."

    Michael Owen will also miss the game through injury, and the Liverpool man has echoed Ferdinand's message.

    "I'm obviously gutted I can't be out there playing for England but I'd like to wish the lads all the best luck on Saturday," said Owen.

    England need just a point to reach the finals in Portugal next summer.


    Has anyone thought about how this whole strike business makes Rio feel? I'm sure he wouldn't be proud of his teammates if they went on strike and didn't play the match... sure, it'd be a touching gesture, but qualifying for the WC is more important than sentimental emotions in these types of situations. If I were Rio, I'd be doing the same thing, telling them to stop being such babies and just play the game...


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    Jan 24, 2003
    SKY have released old footage of Ferdinand admitting that he sometimes forgets the way to training.

    I'm getting the impression here that Rio is no rocket scientist.


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    Apr 22, 2003
    :LOL: this reminds me of an interview with some American Football players, where they were making fun of NFL players' intelligence, and in the interview, the guy says "Well, I'm not rocket surgeon" :LOL: I think he got mixed up with rocket scientist and brain surgeon :LOL:


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    Jan 24, 2003

    Jason McAteer once filled out a credid card application form. Under "position at company" he put "right back" :D Jay-o never tried to pretend he was all that smart anyway.

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