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Jun 4, 2009
Not Egypt... I posted here because I am trying to be discrete, because Tuz opened by eyes to a lot of things and also influenced me, and I think the demographics, political and administrative systems are similar. Discrete because I am also scared and I would like to avoid trouble especially because I think I am very close to immigrating to a better country.
Tuz :heart:
It’s pretty amazing. No joke.


Apr 14, 2005
Good luck to you.

My friend's father was just arrested there without evidence and is awaiting "trial" with the International Crimes Tribunal for war crimes during the Liberation War. The man did nothing wrong, he wasn't involved at all in the conflict. They even lied about his age and whereabouts. Such a fucked up nation.
What is more likely, that he lied about his age or they did?

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