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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
OK, here is my question....

We have a dilemma about Davids. Different sources tell us different things.

Here he are told that Davids got into a fight with Lippi.

Lippi says nothing happened

Roma tables a bid

Davids wants to leave

Moggi refuses to let go (supposedly)

Well we know that many of us consider him as one of our best Mids of not our best midfielder at present.

My question is- why wasnt he playing, or even called up for any one of our recent friendlies?

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Jul 25, 2001
Something is definately going on. The media always exaggerate but so many different stories very likely have one vague source. What that source is, is something we can only guess...

If he wants to leave, there's no point in holding him but I'll be sorry to see him go...

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
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    Well Natalie I would encourage you to read the match summary between Holland and Belarus and reconsider whether Davids would be useful at Juve or not.

    Kinda shows his offensive side there too... now he's a perfect central midfielder.

    Can play wide left, or center mid, can defend flawlessly, attack mercilessly, pass perfectly, read the game like a psychic, blast occasional rockets that dent crossbars and unsettle keepers. He's good at headers, tackles, passes, crosses, interceptions, shots, attacking, defending, distribution, vision, timing, reflexes, and pace.

    Now I cant say the same about Tacchinardi, or Brighi, or Maresca, or Baiocco, or Camoranesi, or Conte, or Nedved, or Zambrotta, or Giannichedda, or Lima, or C. Zanetti, or Emerson, or Tommassi, or Gattusso, or Ambrosini, or anyone else in Serie A for that matter.

    And you know that cannot be denied. My question is this:

    Why let go of a player with such talent and skill? Why not make use of him? If we had Davids at his best, we wouldnt need Maresca, or Baiocco, or even Camoranesi for that matter.

    And it isnt as if we just think he's good at this game or we're just praising him or over-glorifying his skills; Its friggin obvious!!

    We have seen it in our own matches, we have seen it on International level, we have clear proof! And if Capello can see it, and practically go down on his knees and beg us for Davids, why cant a smart person like Lippi see that?

    I have made additional points on Davids in the Dutch football thread too, but I dont want to sound like a damn broken LP repeating myself all the time.


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    Jul 13, 2002
    Lippi will be an ass clown if he doesnt say sorry to Edgar since Edgar is God... and Roma can forget about getting our Pitbull, not for 10 million that is. I say he is worth 30 million and more.


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    Oct 30, 2001
    If Davids leaves, we will win nothing this year. he really is that important to our team. He is also the only world class central midfielder we have..and this with a rather weak midfield means he is vital to our cause.

    Whatever is going on between him and Lippi (there must be some problem or else why is Davids always on the bench), I hope it gets sorted, because losing him to Roma would be terrible :frown:


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    Jul 17, 2002
    i dont care if he gets red cards occasionaly. He is great...larseca mentioned all his skills above. If he plays his best with juve at full force, it will be like juve has 15 men on the field! i dont mind having 10 once in a while....
    common Lippi, keep him happy to make yourself successful and happy.
    i wish that this problem will be resolved and that Davids stays.

    I'm getting annoyed with Lippi. he has a habit if disliking great players. remember R.Baggio!


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    Jul 12, 2002
    You can't fire a coach because he does not get along with one of your players. The coach needs to be in charge and the only message that sends is the players are in charge and if they complain enough and commint insobordination, managment will fire the coach and bring in a new one.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    i think the players must respect the manager, there are many players but just one manager.

    edgar is getting is boxers in a bunch about too little IMO, he can't expect to play every game

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