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May 27, 2009
I've seen worse in this fixture, so I disagree. It always gets heated at some point, but simmers down, it's basically a very competitive pantomime and gets more so every time they play it.

You probably remember this:


That's not even comparable. In a couple of seconds, he aggressively fouled 2 players and his reaction in the second foul was pathetic.


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Jul 26, 2007
remember him scoring this great goal after going back to ajax from hotspurs

also, this needs to be posted on a regular basis in this thread, great shot :D
Aug 13, 2013
Juventus 3-1 AS Roma - Campionato 1997/98
a goal from davids

i think It was his first goal for juve :haddadjunior:
he is always Legend....
Aug 13, 2013

Juventus were 6-4 aggregate winners against Monaco in the 1997/98 UEFA Champions League semi-finals, Alessandro Del Piero scoring a hat-trick in the Bianconeri's 4-1 first-leg victory in Turin.

• Del Piero was also on target in the second leg as Monaco prevailed 3-2 – the Ligue 1 club have won their last three home games against Serie A opposition

Mar 3, 2014
Former Inter, Milan and Juventus midfielder Edgar Davids warns “we can’t underestimate” Italian football.

Serie A is currently ranked fourth by UEFA’s coefficients, behind La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Premier League, but the Dutchman isn’t too concerned.

“When I was playing, Italy was the highest quality, it was the best and everyone wanted to watch Serie A,” Davids recalled in an interview with Telecaprisport.

“Now the Premier League has overtaken Italy, and the Bundesliga has also passed the Italian League in terms of numbers of people who go to the stadium.

“That hurts me, but it’s life.

“That said, if you say to someone: 'tell me five German teams’, they’ll say one or two but if you ask it about Italy they’ll list five or six right away.

“Has the quality of Italian football dropped? I wouldn’t say that. Take England, where they don’t play the best football but perhaps the most fun, but the national team is no good in big tournaments.

“Italy on the other hand are always good and everyone struggles to beat Italy, everyone thinks Italy can win a tournament while no-one says that about England.

“Italy aren’t bad in the big tournaments, so maybe there just needs to be some adjustments.

“We can’t underestimate Italy, the great players go to England, but great talents are developed in Italy. There’s nothing to be really worried about.”

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