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Junkie Joe Joyce
Oct 2, 2013
I like Costa but I'll be happy to see him go. It's annoying to see him playing well and giving the team new life when he comes on only for him to constantly be out/unfit in big CL games

We need to start avoiding players with huge injury concerns like the plague.


Mar 6, 2003
Don't other clubs when take the risk? They are aware of it, just as I am. They are paying for his wages, which aren't tiny, and are willing to take the reward.

I'm not saying I'm crying over Costa. I think he's great and can add a lot to the team but his injuries are horrible. But paying for him and then sending him out on a dry loan is just horrible. Two times horrible actually.
But bayern are the ones paying for his salary , not us.

Its damage control at this point.

I dont know if he will be a hit on bayern.. but he has 3 years here and his stats speak for themselves.

Horrible deal taking in account his injuries.

Theres is a great player there, somewhere... but between his injuries and his dubious antics... is not worth the risk anymore. With last year squad i would have agreed with you about keeping him just in case... but now we have FIT players to field, who will not break at the first sight of grass.

We should learn from our mistakes and accept that this didnt worked, and move on.

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What do you think about this?
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