Douglas Costa (6 Viewers)

Feb 21, 2015
Those who don't like Douglas are football terrorists (you recognize them, generally the same people who like Bernardeschi and Khedira)
Surely that ain't targeting me, is it? :p

I want Berna gone just as much (ok, maybe not just as much, but still) as you do. And whilst I like Sami, i said it was a mistake to renew with him and that I would have let his contract run out.

All that doesn't take away from the lolzilian being a part time footballer on a high salary who scores a nice goal/dribbles past 5 Spal players once in a while - but then tears a muscle in his arse and is out for a month.

It's history repeating again and again and yet folks still won't accept you simply can't rely on him at all.

Sell him while you can and get a younger replacment with similar skillset that's not made of waste glass.

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