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Aug 7, 2011
Cmon man, you act like you just started following Juve and Serie A. Of course Costa is getting the maximum ban because he is a Juve player. There were two games played the same time during ours, if for example same, exact same thing happened at Genoa Bologna, say for example Orji Okwonkwo elbows, punches, headbutts and spits Koray Gunter after the German elbows him twice and talks provocative shits to the Nigerian, would that be as big of a news as Costas? Will it get same amount of reactions? Nope, nobody cares if a nobody spits at another nobody in a game that nobody outside the stadium cares about! I bet I wont even know that it happened until I somehow get to watch the highlights of the round on TV or read an article at Football Italia about the fines that would probably have a headline like "Juventus fined 20 000 euros for anti-Napoli chants" and then, at the end of the article they will just announce that Orji Okwonkwo from Bologna is banned for 3 games after spitting on Koray Gunter from Genoa.

Lets wait and see for how long Douglas will be out, but I am sure it will be for at least 5 games and they will include all of the incidents, or take under consideration, lets say it that way.

And yes, the annoying little Sass prick deserved to be punished, he played nasty and dirty and deserves to be punished too. And on top of that if he did said something offensive to trigger Costa`s outburst, then he needs to be the one apologizing...

We will see, but when they look at the footage of the situation, they have too look at everything, including the two blatant elbows from di frsncesca. This didnt happen for no reason, and everything will come forward in time. As of now juve are probably awaiting judgment. If excessive than they will need to defend the club and player. Its unaccetable if a nobody attacks and provokes (very likely racist) our players.


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Sep 4, 2006
Totti got 3

Media is going so hard you'd think killed the guys kids in front of him
He's a juve player. They are always going to go much harder on a Juve player than a Sass one. Something you gotta deal with if you are one.
Mar 3, 2014
If it’s a racist comment, Costa should say that it was. There shouldn’t be a what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch for that kind of crap. If it was something like : I f’d your sister, then W/e costa should have control.

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Apr 16, 2017
lol no way man

He knows DC f-ed himself royally so he is just keeping his mouth shut and watching the walls close in on Costa. He needs to only let Costa flame himself out.

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Can we get the old style back with the new software ? I'm so used to the old one :lol:
You sound like those who complain about facebook new designs, then after few weeks you have no idea what previous design looked like.


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Jun 1, 2012
Douglas Costa will be suspended from 3 to 6 games in the Serie A + a €100k fine. He will be in the Juventus’s squad for the game vs Valencia. (Corriere Torino)


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Jul 26, 2007
sounds like a reasonable ban. surprised to see him in the squad against Valencia, apparently what we don't know publicly weighs in Costa's favor
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Aug 27, 2010
Wonder if all this drama will have negative effect on his form. Just watched live footage from todays training - he seemed to be completely disinterested in the warm up. Might mean nothing as this is first time i saw him in training, but who knows.

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