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Jun 3, 2003
Enzo Maresca has told Juventus that he doesn’t want a summer exit from the Stadio Delle Alpi.

The former U-21 international has been linked with a move after contract extension talks stalled.

Maresca only has a year left on his current deal and he’s been linked with a number of other clubs.

"My desire is to stay at Juventus and I hope the club has the same intention," said the 24-year-old. "Hopefully my situation can be ironed out as quickly as possible.

"It is satisfying to hear that clubs such as Roma, Parma and Inter are keen on me but I want to keep wearing the Bianconeri jersey."

Reports today have suggested that the Old Lady could offer Roma cash and Maresca in exchange for Emerson.

Maresca has just enjoyed his most successful season in Turin after a number of loan spells at different clubs.


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May 22, 2004
No !
Don't sell Enzo Maresca!
Then rather don't buy Emerson than selling Maresca.
He wants to stay he says, he wants to keep the Bianconeri shirt.
He is a great player, that has a very bright future in front of him at Juve.
And that has to stay!

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Feb 18, 2004
Fvck Moggi, if he still hopes to offload Maresca.
Maresca is a real Bianconero! He loves Juve! He is a part of our club. Who is Emerson, who is Janckulovski??? They are strangers!
Maresca lives with Juve in his heart!


Dec 16, 2003
Moggi : i swear to my Mama , and by Juve and Delle Alpi , and the Black and white Color , I'LL KILL U , if u will do it ...

we don't need this bastard emerson.... we Love Maresca

Forza Enzo!
Oct 1, 2002
what the hell is this.....
DAMN moggi if he sell Maresca this summer.
This boy has stated over and over again that his love is for Juve.
not to mention that he is one of the hottest prospect in Italian football.


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Jun 15, 2003
Besides that Maresca is a big talent, it's not nice to say evey year that juvetnus wants to offloan him again. He said after each year that he wants to stay at juve and every time he heard that he might be sold. That is disrespectful for a player who loves his outfit.


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Jan 30, 2004
Yes, i'm sure Maresca is honoured by the interest from teams like Roma etc. But I also beleive that is doesn't do any good to his confidence hearing his name all the time in transfers away from Juve.
May 4, 2004
Maresca HAS TO STAY!!! moggi plzzzzz....

u can BUY emerson with ONLY CASH! or + di vaio or somethin' but NOT Maresca...

think about this.. maresca + emerson in as DM.... nice dude!


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Jun 3, 2003
Why wud they wanna sell Maresca, he wont even have ne value in the market yet. And besides, we're going to be selling some older players, so it only makes sense to hold on to the youngsters.


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Jul 28, 2002
selling or swappin enzo would be crap, but it would nt seem outa plavce in our current strategies....enzo is a fan favorite, he shwoed potential last year, wtf would we sell one of our few young, potential stalwarts for the future...****ing crazy....if we do, that would be another massive black mark in moggis book.


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Mar 16, 2004
I don't think we are going to sell Maresca, because if Nedved is sold, I know Moggi would not want to look for another playmaker, so he will probably keep Enzo. It wouldn't make too much sense. Even Lippi himself stated that Enzo was a future great for Juve.

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