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Jan 14, 2005
Zoff says Fiorentina-Juve like a derby

Dino Zoff, Former Italy goalkeeper Former Italy goalkeeper Dino Zoff has labelled Saturday’s big match between Fiorentina and Juventus as a derby due to so much riding on the final result.

Juventus are in need of a win in order to keep their Scudetto title hopes alive, while a win for Fiorentina would help them edge closer to Serie A safety.

“This game seems like a really decisive race, both for the championship of the Viola and for the Bianconeri,” the former Juventus player told Violanews.it.

“A new defeat for Fiorentina would be difficult to manage even for the fans, and Juve desperately need to win given the recent results.”

Antonio Conte’s men haven’t won a game since February 18, drawing 4 consecutive matches, and Zoff feels the weight of the game makes it more reminiscent of a derby.

“I think it's a race that is worthy of a derby, moreover it is more important when one takes, from the point of view of the objectives of both teams, the charm of the game becomes more special.

“And then in Florence they have always given everything when they see the colors of black and white on the field.”

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