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Feb 13, 2005
Huge expectations on the kid's shoulders, hopefully he gets to live up to them, showing some promising signs without a doubt but patience will be key though.
The biggest challenge in the next 2 months will be making him, Dybala and Ronaldo work together. And I'm not talking only about the offensive part of their work to come.


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Aug 30, 2002
Maybe he already was?

Kulusevski: 'I'm at Juve to win the League'
By Football Italia staff


Dejan Kulusevski hopes to play his first Juventus match on Sunday and said he has arrived in Turin ‘to win the Scudetto’.
The former Atalanta youngster moved to the Allianz Stadium after a loan stint at Parma last term, and he admitted he can’t wait to play for the Bianconeri.
His first opportunity comes on Sunday, when Sampdoria visit the reigning champions.
“Sunday is a very important match and I’m very happy that we are finally playing,” Kulusevski said at a press conference.
“I’m ready to play should the coach pick me, I can’t wait.”
The Sweden international said he moved to the Old Lady to ‘win the Scudetto’.
“I’m here to improve on and off the pitch. I’m here to win games, help my teammates and make the city happy,” he continued.
“I’m lucky to be here, I want to win the championship and every game we play."

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Yes, youtube randomly suggested to me lol, so yeah his presentation already been:



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Apr 25, 2013
He's 20, should rotate with Cuadra for the RM/ala tornante role.

First bad game, the press and fans will kill him after elevating him to prime Nedved/Robben status after first good game. Looking forward to the retardation and how he handles it.

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