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Aug 10, 2017
You mean the Mickey Mouse Europa League where he beat mighty opponents like BATE Borisov, PAOK, Vidi, Malmo, Dynamo Kiev, Slavia Prague, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Arsenal. Yeah, super impressive :lol:
So which sides do you want in the Europa League ? You can still go on justifying Simone inzaghi failures in Europe


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May 29, 2005
Sweden observe Kulusevski 'evolution'
By Football Italia staff

Sweden manager Janne Andersson believes future Juventus player Dejan Kulusevski will shine in Serie A. “It’ll be very interesting to see his tactical evolution.”
Although he has only 26 Serie A appearances under his belt for Atalanta and Parma, 19-year-old Kulusevski has already earned his €35m plus bonuses move to Juventus.
“Dejan hasn’t been with us for long, but has already shown he has great potential,” Andersson told La Gazzetta dello Sport.
He works hard and is very quick. If he continues like this, he will be in the Sweden squad for many years to come. A coach always appreciates a player who can take on multiple roles and it’ll be very interesting to see his tactical evolution. As things stand now, I think he’s perfect as a winger.
Kulusevski really lives for football and puts the work in. If I need to find a reason for his rapid ascent, that would be it. He’s still young, but I hope he is ready for Juventus. As a national team coach, you always want your players in the top teams and I think he can really grow in Juve’s current system.
“Italian football is an excellent place to learn about football in all its forms. In Sweden, we do learn about tactics quite young and that helps provide the foundations.”
Kulusevski has been compared to Josip Ilicic and Arjen Robben.
“Considering his pace, his ball control and his finishing, I see him as similar to Robben.” LOL


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Aug 30, 2002
He is not far off style wise, except the pace part (robben was a speed demon). He is more powerful then Robben but has similar janky south paw type of weird style in dribbling.


Mar 6, 2007
It's not a million miles off, the difference is that Robben's acceleration was far superior, but Kulusevski is a more powerful runner who takes longer to get to top speed. He's not as fast as Robben, that is obvious.

They do have some very similar body shapes they make when they shoot and pass, that upright running style. Robben was brilliant at what he did but was very much a winger, Kulusevski to me will end up somewhere between there and the kind of position Ilicic plays now, which will hopefully keep Dybala closer to goal.


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Oct 6, 2011
I think we're planning to school him into a b2b/CAM kind of forward pushing CM in Sarri's 433. The Hamsik role. Don't see him developing as a winger.


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Jul 13, 2010
He's not handsome. He's not probably even a world class player yet. May not even turn out to be. But he's the only one from the people I follow on Instagram, who liked ice cube's almost 2-hour live vlog. Respek

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