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Jun 21, 2011
He’s here to stay. Give him another year with a competent coach who understands his best position.
Well, we should and will give him another chance. But that position thing is exactly what people were saying about Bernardeschi too... I'm not buying that. If anything he's not mentally strong enough at his age and simply adapting to the big stage.

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Sep 21, 2008
Have you seen him?

If you see his parma videos and now, is like 2 different players. It seems he is afraid of the big stage
Well it's 2 different styles. At Parma he always had room to counter. At Juve, our opponents park it. So he's going to have to learn to use his other foot and become a complete player. Otherwise, I've seen this show before and it's not good.


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Jan 31, 2003
Clearly more than just a few things to work on to bring his game to the next level. I've said this before...the position he played very well in at parma is occupied by our mvp of the season being chiesa. So I really don't know what will happen. He isnt displacing chiesa now or even in the next few years.

The good thing is that he is young and has time to improve. The key is for him to have a manager who can find a role that is going to make him excel in. Possibly the opposite side of the park to chiesa but not sure how the midfield would look like.


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Jan 24, 2007
nice goal but he is still a shit player as evidenced by him giving the ball away to genoa when counter attacking and he had morata and ronaldo easy pass to


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Mar 6, 2007
He would shine under a WC coach who would know how to use him.
It's clear by now that he's better closer to goal. He has the physicality to play as a wide man running from deep but he's no right midfielder, we shouldn't be seeing him in positions where he makes those suicide passes across to our central defenders or DM. That is the role for Cuadrado et al.

He needs to occupy the same sort of spaces that Dybala does when he plays slightly to the right. Granted, he's not a CF/SS like Dybala is but he does his damage in that area where he can come inside or go to the byline.

That said, he's had a fair amount of disappointing games and he needs to improve a lot, but it's already been noted that he is 20 and in a failing team. He's a long term project.

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