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Nov 18, 2003
Giallorossi youngster Raffaele De Martino has ‘disappeared’ amid reports he’s flown out for talks with Arsenal, while Francesco Totti has a new sponsor.

This week the Capital club has sliced chunks out of its squad with the news that Mido (Tottenham), Marco Delvecchio (Brescia), Luigi Sartor (Genoa), Gaetano D’Agostino (Messina) and Vincent Candela (Bolton) have all been sold.

Candela reportedly terminated his contract late last night and flew out to Britain for negotiations, though so far Roma have only revealed that the Frenchman has been given permission to miss training.

That is not the case for Raffaele De Martino, who has seemingly gone AWOL from the youth team training camp.

The 18-year-old midfielder was complaining of stomach pains and headed back to Rome for tests, but according to reports he never showed up. There are suggestions he returned home for family reasons, but the Italian newspapers insist he has flown out to London.

De Martino has already featured in Serie A and the Champions’ League for the Giallorossi this season, but is not yet tied to a professional contract.

It’s claimed that Arsenal, Liverpool, West Ham and Glasgow Rangers are all interested in taking him on for a new start in Britain.

Meanwhile, Francesco Totti has terminated his long-term deal with Nike and signed a four-year contract with Diadora, said to be worth in the region of £700,000 per season. The Roma captain could wear his new boots this weekend against Messina.

Roma will be pretty much over next season, and would probably fight for relegation. :undecide:

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Cuadrado is juan hell of a derby king!
Oct 27, 2004
:D this is great hahahhaha!!
The players are fleeing from Roma haha!
I hope Cassano will do the same. De Rossi and Chivu too :D


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Oct 1, 2004
Del Neri rages at Roma loss Sunday 30 January, 2005


Gigi Del Neri is fuming at Raffaele De Martino running away from Roma to negotiate with Arsenal and warned the club to make a stand.

“I can only hope he has the strength to make his own decisions,” said the Coach. “It’s a shame to see an 18-year-old lad who should be growing up with different values. The club must make an example of him.”

De Martino has already played for the Giallorossi in Serie A and the Champions’ League this season, but is not yet tied to a professional contract.

The midfielder left the youth team tournament at Viareggio this week, but never reached his destination, instead going back to his family in order to discuss terms with a number of Premiership sides including Arsenal.

“We offered De Martino a contract,” explained Roma director Daniele Prade’. “There is a significant difference between his requests and our proposal, as he wants more than double his wages. We consider our youth system to be a valuable asset, but there has to be a balance.”

This would not be the first time that Serie A sides have seen their youth products poached, as Parma also complained of Arsenal signing teenager Arturo Lupoli before they could put him under a professional contract.

“There is a certain age between the youth team and 18 years in which foreign clubs can effectively come in and register our players,” continued the Roma director. “Italian sides are unprotected and UEFA must do something about this.”

De Martino’s agent gives another angle to the scenario and claims it is purely a question of finances.

“The player is still in Italy, but he is in negotiations with an English club,” explained Giuseppe Galli. “Roma had been warned of overseas interest for De Martino.”

“We had asked for a three-year contract worth £62,000 per season and rising to £83,000 by the third year. Roma offered a five-year deal that started from £27,000 and rose to a maximum of £83,000. If he signs for a Premiership side, De Martino will immediately earn £173,000 per season net.”

This situation – and the departure of Vincent Candela, Mido, Marco Delvecchio and Gaetano D’Agostino – could distract Roma ahead of today’s clash with Messina. It’s a team they have already lost against once this year with a spectacular 4-3 scoreline.

“The Sicilians are a great side,” noted Del Neri, “but Roma had so many problems when they last met and their mentality has changed. I am sure we can easily earn all three points and everyone feels confident.”

Francesco Totti should start despite some bruising, while D’Agostino could play his final Giallorossi game against his future teammates.

“D’Agostino won’t complete his Messina move until Monday, so he is a Roma player and if I feel he needs to come off the bench then he will.”


Del Niri: $#*%#$%&!!!!!!


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Jul 17, 2002
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wth, Totti with Diadora????
++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
That's good news, don't have to watch him in the Nike commercials no more :D
Not news for me! :D

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I had a conversation the other day with some guy who works for Diadora (he's promoting the brand at a local league), and he claims that Diadora are trying hard to contract Totti.

I wouldn't be surprized if they do nail Totti. It makes perfect sense since Roma are also sponsored by Diadora and they need to replace their main player, Baggio.


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Nov 18, 2003
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    yeh but if juve keep shipping out they wont have any either LOL.
    Not as long as we get free players :cheesy:


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    Sep 16, 2004
    what a fool! De Martino is an idiot! This is Arsenal were talking about, this is a team with a manager who said last year that he was afraid to use young players because it was too much of a gamble, he is an idiot he had a chance of becoming a star at the Roma, but instead choose to be a reserve at Arsenal!

    Wenger only used Fabregas because he HAD too. If Edu and Gilberto hadnt been injured, none of us would of heard of Cesc!


    Dec 16, 2003
    Vincent Candela has waved goodbye to Roma after he terminated his contract with the outfit today.

    "I’m leaving a fundamental part of my life even if I will return to live here when I retire," said the Frenchman.

    "I’ve experienced some unforgettable years in which I have matured both as a man and a footballer.

    "My son was born here, I won Lo Scudetto in 2001 and I was able to enjoy a great relationship with the fans."

    The left-sided player, who has spent eight years with the capital club, insists he has no Giallorossi regrets.

    "I wouldn’t do anything differently," he added. "I would have liked to have offered more over the last 18 months but I am responsible for that."

    Candela also specifically thanked former Roma bosses Zdenek Zeman and Fabio Capello for their help.

    "The Czech taught me a lot tactically, while Capello brought the best out of me just when I was about to join Inter," continued the defender.

    The former France international will now sign for Premiership outfit Bolton. "I had other offers, including the chance to stay in Italy but I preferred a foreign move," he added.

    Candela is the fifth January sale after Mido (Spurs), Marco Delvecchio (Brescia), Gigi Sartor (Genoa) and Gaetano D’Agostino (Messina) also left Roma this month.
    In other transfer news, Atalanta have signed defender Adriano Da Silva from Palermo and Sampdoria midfielder Biagio Pagano.

    Inter have decided to sell Romanian midfielder Ianis Zicu to Dinamo Bucharest after he failed to impress on loan at Parma.

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